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Golden State Warriors are struggling financially this summer.

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Golden State Warriors

(CTN News) – This summer, the Golden State Warriors will try to keep and build on their championship core that just won their fourth title in eight years with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins will also be signing new contracts soon, along with Thompson and Green.

In order to retain their services, it would be necessary to pay a ridiculous luxury tax on all four of them.

The Golden State Warriors could be signed new contract early as August 3rd for Green:

Green believes he merits a maximum contract that locks him in for $164.2 million over five years, according to sources who spoke to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson II.

Considering Green hasn’t averaged more than eight points per game since 2017, and at times this season looked like a shell of himself, that’s a lot of money.

It was reported by Slater and Thompson II on Tuesday evening that “the Warriors have no plans to offer Green a long-term extension, and there hasn’t been any traction on any type of extension at the moment.”

It appears that the Warriors’ hesitation to extend Green this offseason has little to do with their perception of Green’s value, but more to do with the timetable Golden State typically takes when extending players.

A player is usually signed to a maximum extension only after he has one year left on his current contract, according to Slater and Thompson II, before the Warriors extend his contract to the maximum amount allowed by the contract.

It is possible for Green to opt out of his four-year extension before the end of the season despite the fact that there are only two years left on the contract he signed before the 2019 season.

As a result of that impending possibility, the Warriors may be forced to make a choice one way or another.

A chance exists that if the Golden State Warriors are not willing to offer Draymond Green the maximum contract he believes he deserves, he may be forced to explore other options in order to obtain the contract he believes he deserves.

It is also pertinent to note that as part of Green’s current deal with the Warriors, he has a 15 percent trade kicker if the Warriors decide to move him.

The Warriors and Golden State Warriors are preparing to defend their titles as the rest of the league has its eyes fixed on the Kevin Durant sweepstakes.

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