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The XFL will Relaunch in Eight Cities in 2023; No New York or California

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(CTN News) – There have been eight cities announced as teams for the XFL’s third incarnation in 2023, including three new cities that have joined the league’s new ownership group under Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia,

in The XFL who will lead the league’s new ownership group

It has been announced that Orlando, Las Vegas, and San Antonio will all host XFL franchises in 2023, taking the places of New York, Los Angeles, and Tampa Bay (which hosted teams in 2020).

As of this writing, there have not been any names released for the eight teams in XFL, but here are the stadiums in which the teams will play, as well as the coaches for each franchise (city).
Neither New York nor California will be represented at the conference in 2023, which will be the first time

It has yet to be revealed what the nicknames will be for the eight teams, though it is possible that the

remaining teams will be permitted to keep their names from the 2020 season onwards. It was announced that the St. Louis BattleHawks, D.C. Defenders, Seattle Dragons, Dallas Renegades, and Houston Roughnecks are among the five teams that will return from 2020.

These teams will retain their teams. Since 2001, XFL has invested in franchises in Las Vegas and Orlando. However, San Antonio will be the first new city where the XFL has invested in a team since 2001.

Among the teams that have been eliminated are the New York Guardians, the Tampa Bay Vipers, and the Los Angeles Wildcats.

In the history of the XFL, this will be the first time that either New York or California will not have a franchise, as both New York and Los Angeles had franchises in 2001 and 2020.

To make sure the XFL is a success, we identified one of the most important elements to make sure it is a success is identifying the iconic cities and venues where the teams will play,” Johnson told the XFL Congress on Sunday.

He realized that if each community wanted to join in the rally cries of their chosen team, to support and lift up the players and their families who would represent each city, we needed to ensure that we included the most important voices in the room — the fans — when making these decisions.

Furthermore, Johnson has also revealed that in the months to come, the league will be designing new logos and innovative uniforms for each of the teams in the league.

It is slated for Feb. 18, 2023 — six days after Super Bowl LVII — to commence XFL’s second relaunch ever.

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