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Here is What You Need to Beat Anyone at Fantasy Cricket

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Here is What You Need to Beat Anyone at Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is among the most popular fantasy gaming applications and it has a become phenomenon over the last few years in India.

Every cricket enthusiast in the country has been hooked on fantasy cricket players for the past three years.

During the 2020 lockdown period, the fantasy gaming platforms, especially Fantasy Cricket witnessed immense growth in users playing the game.

Since then, numbers have been flourishing. Cricket is the most popular in India and the craze for the sport as compared to other Sports is unmatchable among the Indian masses. Fantasy Cricket saw growing popularity among Indian cricket enthusiasts.

Fantasy cricket is a platform for every cricket fan to unleash their passion for the game to the world. They will get an opportunity to pick 11 players of their choice in the team and win exciting cash prizes by defeating their opponents.

Moreover, cricket fans can showcase their skills and knowledge about the sport while playing fantasy cricket.

It clearly shows that cricket has grown exponentially in the segment of fantasy sports. Cricket is one of the favorite sports played in India, and so is fantasy cricket.

Over the past few years, Fantasy Cricket has become an opportunity for experts to make it a full-time career. That means, they are professional Fantasy Cricket players.

The beginners of Fantasy Cricket will take time to learn and understand how to play the game.

The basic is having knowledge about cricket, otherwise, there’s no point in playing. However, there are things they have to learn in order to win Fantasy Cricket.

Here are five ways you can beat your opponents in Fantasy Cricket

1. Meticulously Select Your Players

The selection of your players in your fantasy cricket team will significantly influence the result.

You need to keep eye on the players’ track records and recent performances as it will help you get a clear idea of whether the players will perform well or not.

Moreover, you need to keep updated about the latest news and developments regarding the match and the players.

Importantly, the core of your team should be selectively assembled from the two teams of the match.

You need to pick four batters, two all-rounders, a wicketkeeper and four bowlers in your Fantasy Playing XI. Pick your players who could help you score points and get better off your opponents.

2. Knowing the Pitch Performance:

Apart from picking players in your Fantasy Cricket Team, you need to understand how the pitch will perform. Pitch plays a key function or role in finding out the destiny of the match.

When you read about the pitch, it will definitely help you identify whether or not it’s going to be a high-scoring or low-scoring contest or match. Accordingly, you can decide whether or not you want to go for the best batters or bowlers on the team.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind the quantity of spin or swing of the ball. At times, the behaviour of the pitch may change during the match. Therefore, it is important to know how the pitch performs in order to get better off your opponents.

3. Calculate the Cost:

When you pick the players make sure that you don’t just look at their price tag, instead have a look at their overall performance.

It is not necessary that players with the highest price will deliver their performances and help you win the points.

A few players are priced better than others, but their performances don’t create the surrounding hype. It is advisable to invest your money when you have a squad that desperately needs reinforcement.

4. Master the Art of Balancing Team:

When you pick the players in the Fantasy Cricket team, you have to keep in mind balancing the squad.

Choosing the correct fantasy cricket team doesn’t mean that you blindly accept the excellent players on paper. You need to bring stability among the batters and bowlers.

If you want to defeat your opponents in Fantasy Cricket, then you have to pick a strong team along with a balance on the side.

You are just like the team coach, pushed by the sole purpose or agenda of choosing 11 players who could deliver their best performances on the given day. With a balanced team, you are likely to defeat your opponents and win exciting cash prizes.

5. Do your Research

Oftentimes, many users don’t do any research before picking the players. That’s why players tend to lose the match as well as the money.

Therefore, it is essential to do research work about the teams of the day and the players, so that you will get a clear and fair idea of whom to pick in your Fantasy Cricket team.

A well-known strategy has often under looked at by users. The research includes the recent form of the teams and players, head-to-head records of the teams, venue analysis, pitch report, Key players’ battles and the best performers of the team.

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