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Are Courtside Seats Just For Celebrities?



Are Courtside Seats Just For Celebrities?

We often see celebrities sitting courtside at NBA games in the latest fashions, but can anyone sit in those prized spaces?

The short answer? Yes! But getting those tickets will be hard.

Generally speaking, these seats are often given to friends, high-profile celebrities, and business associates. This is why many courtside seats are empty, while others host unknown people. Beyonce doesn’t always sit next to a close friend. Sometimes she sits next to a brand CEO.

So how can a non-celebrity get hold of these tickets? First, you need a lot of money!

How Much Does An NBA Courtside Ticket Cost?

The average courtside ticket will cost around $1,500.00.

Compared to the average NBA ticket, that figure is way too high for most fans. Depending on the team’s skill level, the people playing, and the location of the game, the average ticket will cost you $90. That’s 94% less than a typical courtside seat.

The $1,500 average doesn’t even include playoffs or special appearances.

Each team will set its own price range for these seats, and they put them at a high price for a reason. Because these seats are so expensive, they are less likely to attract hooligans or mischief-makers. If you spent $1,500 to sit in these seats, you’re not going to run on the court and waste that money.

The high price acts as a social deterrent as well as a prize concept.

Are Courtside Tickets Worth It?

Whether basketball courtside tickets are “worth it” depends on a number of factors, including your personal preferences, your budget, and the specific game you’re considering. Here are some things to consider:

Experience: Courtside seats provide a unique perspective on the game. You’ll see the action up close and personal, hear the players’ conversations, and get a sense of the speed and physicality of the game that can’t be matched by any other seating position.

As John Smith, founder of StarTickets explains “The courtside experience provides an unparalleled level of intimacy with the game. Celebrities are not only there to see and be seen, they are also there for the love of the sport. Being that close to the action, feeling the energy of the players, hearing the squeak of the sneakers, and the buzz of the crowd, it’s something you can’t replicate.”

Access: Courtside seats often come with other perks, like access to VIP lounges, complimentary food and drink, and the chance to interact with players, coaches, and celebrities. Check with the venue or team to see what benefits are included with the ticket.

Visibility: While courtside seats provide an unmatched close-up view of the action, they don’t always offer the best overall view of the game. You might find it harder to follow the action at the other end of the court, and your view might be obstructed by players, coaches, and referees. If you value a comprehensive view of the game, seats higher up might be better.

Cost: Courtside seats are usually the most expensive tickets available. Depending on the team, the opponent, and the importance of the game, they could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you’re on a budget, this could be a significant consideration.

Exclusivity: There’s a certain prestige associated with sitting courtside, and if that’s important to you, it could make the tickets worth it.

Smith touches on this topic too. He adds “At the end of the day, the high demand for these seats among celebrities only underscores their value. In a way, they’re not just buying a ticket to a game; they’re investing in an exclusive experience that enhances their connection to the sport and its athletes.”

If you’re considering buying a courtside seat, make sure you look into the perks of these experiences and the reviews from other buyers.

Although you might love the team, their courtside seats might be too close to the changing rooms, obscuring more of your view than normal. Alternatively, the seats might come with a chance to meet the players.

Final Thoughts

Weigh up the pros and cons of the experience based on what you find the most interesting.

If you’re hoping for cheaper tickets, aim for the team at the bottom of the league. In 2022, the Atlanta Hawks were selling courtside seats for prices between $300 and $600 because they were so far down the table.

Use these cheap alternatives as a way to determine if the courtside experience is a good option for you. If you like it, you can spread your wings to more lucrative courts!

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