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Aaron Rodgers Digs At Jimmy Kimmel Over Epstein



Aaron Rodgers Digs At Jimmy Kimmel Over Epstein

(CTN News) – During his appearance on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show,” New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a remark about comedian Jimmy Kimmel that implies Kimmel’s name could be linked to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s client list.

This comment further intensifies the ongoing feud between the two individuals. Aaron Rodgers expressed that there are many people, including Kimmel, who are eagerly hoping that the list remains undisclosed.

He even mentioned that if the list does become public, he would definitely celebrate in some manner.

This exchange between Aaron Rodgers and Kimmel originated from a previous incident in March when Kimmel mocked Rodgers for his beliefs on UFOs during the Chinese spy balloon scandal. Kimmel sarcastically suggested that Rodgers should reconsider his concussion protocol.

Kimmel responded to Aaron Rodgers’ comment on McAfee’s show in a serious manner,

Stating that he would take legal action if the remarks continued. In a statement, Kimmel clarified that he had no connection to Epstein and dismissed any claims suggesting otherwise as baseless and absurd.

He expressed concern for his family’s safety due to the reckless nature of the comments made. Kimmel warned that if the situation persisted, he would be willing to address the matter in court to establish the truth.

Recently, a federal judge in New York ordered the release of nearly 200 names that were previously hidden in court documents related to a lawsuit involving Epstein’s former partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. U.S.

District Judge Loretta Preska provided a detailed order explaining her decision to reveal or continue hiding the names of approximately 180 individuals.

This order sheds light on the potential identities of these people.

Although the names were initially kept private in the lawsuit, some of them were already known through other sources. Many individuals on the list had known connections to Epstein, while others included his alleged victims who were taken to his private island or residences.

Virginia Giuffre, one of the Aaron Rodgers individuals who accused Epstein of trafficking her as a minor in the early 2000s, initiated legal action against Maxwell in 2015.

The lawsuit reached a resolution outside of the courtroom in 2017. Epstein Aaron Rodgers maintained connections with various prominent individuals, encompassing politicians, celebrities, academics, and even Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom, who also faced a lawsuit from Giuffre.


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