Anne Heche In Stable Condition After Fiery Car Crash – Update
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Anne Heche in Stable Condition After Fiery Car Crash, Family Asks for prayers – Update

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UPDATE SATURDAY 3:50 PM: Anne Heche has released a statement via her publicist following a crash in which her car caught fire while she was driving and she was taken to the hospital. “Anne’s condition is stable at the moment. Her family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time,” the statement said. “We would appreciate it if you could respect her privacy while she is going through this difficult time.” Thank you.”

PREVIOUS FRIDAY 4:30 PM: It has been confirmed by Deadline that actor Anne Heche has been hospitalized and is in critical condition with burns after crashing her car into a Los Angeles house yesterday morning. TMZ was the first outlet to report the news of the incident.

There was a crash that occurred in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles just before 10:55 AM on Friday.

Upon entering the T intersection at Preston Way and Walgrove Avenue in the 1700 block of Walgrove Avenue at a high rate of speed, the vehicle ran off the road and collided with the residence in the 1700 block of Walgrove Avenue, according to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department.

anne heche - The vehicle after  - Photo Credit: edition.cnn

The vehicle after
– Photo Credit: edition.cnn

A report by the Los Angeles Fire Department said the driver of the vehicle was transported to a local hospital after the vehicle became engulfed in flames. According to Los Angeles Police Public Information Officer Jeff Lee, Heche’s condition is critical, and he is being treated at the hospital.

Flames also spread to the roof of the house, engulfing the entire structure in flames.

anne heche - Overhead view of the scene - Photo Credit : Edition.cnn

Overhead view of the scene
– Photo Credit : Edition.cnn

According to Brian Humphrey, the director of the Los Angeles Fire Department, it took fifty-nine firefighters 65 minutes to access the heavily damaged structure, confine the fire, and fully extinguish the stubborn flames within it.

The blue Mini involved in the accident has been confirmed by a number of local media outlets as having been registered to Heche.

There is footage from Fox11’s news helicopter that shows the car went well into the house and may have struck one of its side walls on the way there.

As the scene unfolded below Fox11’s eye in the sky, Stu Mandel, who frequently follows pursuits and accidents from the air, described what he saw as it unfolded in front of him.

The charred top of the burning vehicle led Mandel, a veteran of many such emergencies, to note that, if anyone is alive inside it, this is going to be a miracle. According to Mandel, as firefighters used cables from a massive tow truck to pull the car from the burning house, “if there is anyone alive in there, this is going to be a miracle.”

According to the firefighters, the victim was still alive when they arrived, and they placed him on a gurney with his face covered, and they rolled him to the ambulance that was waiting for him. The person on the gurney sits up just before they get into the emergency vehicle and tries to get off of it as soon as possible.

“Oh my gosh! It’s so surreal!!! Mandel, who at the time thought the driver was a male, says at the end of the video. “He’s completely alive and well!” I exclaimed. In an attempt to get away from the situation, he tried to run.”

SkyFOX footage: Anne Heche crashes car into Mar Vista home

A few moments later, after the victim has been loaded into an ambulance by ambulance workers, Mandel is shocked and says, “I don’t know what happened.”

Heche was initially involved in a minor accident at an apartment complex in the Mar Vista area where she crashed into a wall in a parking lot. However, she was able to flee the scene after she drove away from the scene. In a short period of time, there was a crash into the home.

There are several projects that Heche is currently working on. Earlier this year, she announced that she would join Lifetime’s Girl in Room 13 series, which will air in the fall. She will also be appearing alongside Dermot Mulroney in an upcoming horror thriller called Full Ride as well as recurring in a show for OWN called All Rise. She was most recently seen in Peter Facinelli’s psychological thriller The Vanished for Netflix as well as Quiver’s tornado thriller 13 Minutes, both directed by Facinelli.

As part of this report, Erik Pedersen and CNS contributed their expertise.


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