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Where to Buy Ivermectin in Bangkok




We have previously reported on where to buy Ivermectin in Thailand, including the pros and cons of ordering online from within the Kingdom.

Ordering Online

While ordering online from First Med Inc Thailand or other online shops is far cheaper and better value than buying from a physical pharmacy, some people who might be feeling ill right now, or just want to take some Ivermectin as soon as possible to minimize the risk of contracting covid may not with to wait 2-3 days for their order to arrive in the mail.

For this reason, we have been contacting pharmacies around the country, so we can put together a list of places where people can drop in to purchase some Stromectol (the branded name for Ivermectin) locally.

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Chiang Mai

This story is a follow-up to our recent article specific to where to purchase Stromectol in Chiang Mai. In this article, we listed a large number of pharmacies that sell Ivermectin in Chiang Mai province, should you not wish to order online.

Many of the locations were provided to us by concerned residents of the city, who believe in the medicinal benefits offered by the Nobel Prize-winning drug.

Bangkok Locations Selling Ivermectin

We had previously mentioned that Sri Pharmacy located at 20/1, Soi Sukhumwit 22, Sukhumwit Road, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110 is selling 72mg strips (12 x 6mg pills) for 1500 baht, but since we posted that news story it seems as though more pharmacies have started to stock the medicine due to increased demand of late.

Below are a few more pharmacies in different areas of Bangkok you may want to contact if you want to drop in and pick up some Stromectol right away.

Num Charoen Medical

315 Rachawiti Street, Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok, 10400

Phone: 02 354 9291

Petcharat Pharmacy

189 Thanon Wang Lang, Siri Rat, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok, 10700

Phone: 08 7191 1917

Rungroj Pharmacy (On-Nut)

20 Sukhumvit Soi, 81 Phra Khanong Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, 10110

Phone: 02 311 2720

Sriya Pharmacy

613 Sukhumvit (Between Soi 35-37) Khlongtun Nua, Wattana Bangkok, 10110

Phone: 02 258 8845

Selling out Quickly?

While Bangkok is a very large city and we would expect far more pharmacies like First Med Inc Thailand to stock Ivermectin, we contacted over 30 different pharmaceutical chains, and also did some research in various local Facebook groups and on online forums, but we’re only able to locate very few pharmacies which currently stock Stromectol.

This could be due to the surge in demand of late, with many pharmacies selling out quickly and unable to acquire more stock, or could be because Thai locals are largely unaware of how popular Ivermectin is in other countries, and how effectively it is being used to treat people with symptoms from moderate to severe, and even being used as a prophylactic to prevent infection in the first place.

Playing it Safe

With the last two years throwing the world into turmoil, many people are now choosing to play it safe with their health. General distrust in pharmaceutical companies is at an all-time high, and many people are taking their health into their own hands by choosing to take Ivermectin based on the recommendations of thousands of doctors in other countries.

With so many stories of fast recovery, reduction in side effects from the vaccine and beneficial side effects for those who unknowingly have parasitical infections causing skin issues, digestive problems or other health concerns, it definitely isn’t a bad idea to keep some Ivermectin close by should you ever need it urgently in the future.


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