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A Guide to the 5 Options for Tooth Restoration

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Tooth restorations

Tooth restoration is simply a treatment to aid our oral problems. Whether your problem is a broken tooth or a maligned bite, there are solutions ready for such needs. You can now be confident with your smile and physical appearance as you talk to those with embarrassing oral problems. Tooth restoration treatment aims to repair a missing or damaged tooth.

What are dental restorations?

Dental restorations could be something way out of our understanding if we are ignorant. We could think of it as something too complicated. But such good news today has awakened to our benefit.

It is of utmost importance for us to inform ourselves about the condition of our dental health. As much as possible, it is better to follow the advice of a medical professional to visit your oral doctor or dentist every six months, to get your teeth and overall mouth condition checked for tooth restoration.

Through this measure, you will prevent any uprising problems: tooth decay, fractures on teeth, malalignment, serious tooth stains, and other dental damages.

Thus, you should know that there are two ways dentists classify tooth restoration. Although it is for the dentist to know what is best and appropriate for the oral issue you are facing, your decision or personal preference is still welcome to be considered in doing the restoration.

Tooth restoration

• Direct Tooth Restoration

Direct tooth restoration refers to the treatment done inside the mouth or in the specific area of your oral problem. This procedure is usually known as filling.

• Indirect Tooth Restoration

Indirect dental restoration happens outside of the mouth. The procedures, however, under indirect restorations are more costly than any other procedures because they require more work than usual oral treatment.

Best Tooth Restoration Options

• Fillings

This is the most common treatment for tooth restoration or decay. The cavity or tooth structure missing in your damaged tooth is being filled with either gold, silver amalgam, or composite fillings made of synthetic resins. In this procedure, you can choose what best suits your references.

Whether you want to treat your cavity at a low cost or to improve your tooth structure. This procedure uses aesthetic compounds that are quite expensive.

• Crowns

Dental crowns, or as they call them dental caps, are instruments used to cover the surface of the tooth entirely. Dental cement, which is used as a glue to improve the strength and appearance of the tooth, is being used to prepare the surface and for the dental crown to bond together for the damaged tooth.

There are different substances dental crowns can be made of, such as metal, ceramic, or a metal-ceramic composite. The tooth-shaped “cap” can also cover a dental implant, out of its many other uses, says Dental Implants Honolulu.

• Bridges

Basically, tooth bridging is only for those who have one or more missing teeth. These false teeth or the so-called fixed partial denture fill the gap of a space of the teeth inside the mouth.

This treatment is said to be easy and pain-free by the use of anesthesia or other numbing agents. The bridge or false tooth can be held by a crown or “cap” or by cementing it permanently in place.

This tooth restoration is one of the cheapest procedure options to replace multiple teeth. Natural teeth are called abutments, while artificial ones are called pontics. They are great sustenance for proper chewing functions.

How To Protect Dental Implants So They Last Forever

• Implants

A dental implant is just a replacement. This option best suits if the tooth is too damaged to be saved. It is a surgical procedure that plants the imitation of the original or the natural tooth, including its roots, to the jawbone.

This dental device copies the natural functions of the teeth and their roots. Thus, it especially is beneficial because having a tooth taken away probably will lead to atrophy in the jaw, if left untreated, and can cause many disabilities such as impaired chewing. Just as natural teeth go into cleaning, implants do not need such specialized cleaning requirements.

• Teeth whitening

Drinking beverages may cause tooth pigmentation. This could result in a lack of sparkle since it has become more yellow than it used to be. However, the usual routines that can keep our teeth bright and healthy, such as brushing and flossing, may not be enough. Teeth whitening treatments are one of the reliable solutions for pigmented or yellowish teeth.

The term “bleaching” is ideal if the product or procedure includes bleach. However, some processes didn’t need any bleaching processes. But they remove the pigmented outer skin or the debris from the teeth.

As professionally advised by dental healthcare people, it is best to consult a dentist in North York or an oral surgeon for this procedure. Some treatments can cause the teeth’ colour to improve by eight shades after only a single treatment.

The bottom line on Tooth Restoration

As the majority are not aware, it is best to have a bit of knowledge about how important your oral health is. The information stated are treatments and cures, but prevention would always benefit the one who advances in caring for his oral hygiene.

Dental professionals should do tooth restoration. Visit your nearest dental health professional now and get your oral health checked for your good.

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