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Global Ivermectin Frenzy as Confidence in Big Pharma Falters




Despite being used safely by millions of people around the world for decades, Ivermectin has come under a lot of fire in recent months. The anti-parasitic medicine, which is on the WHO’s List of the World’s Most Essential Medicines has controversially been prescribed by doctors all over the world for the treatment of covid-19.

While the CDC and WHO still recommend against buying and using it for treating SARS-COV-2, many frontline doctors, including the FLCCC Alliance are promoting it as an important part of their favoured protocol to safely ward off coronavirus.

According to epidemiologist Patrick Lowry, Ivermectin “fights off viral infections much more effectively than antibiotics”. The drug, which is also used for treating parasites in animals and humans alike has sparked a growing trend in various countries where people are buying it online to avoid the rigmarole of having to visit a doctor and get a prescription.

Ivermectin Thailand

In Thailand, it is easy to buy Ivermectin from online pharmacies such as FirstMedInc, or from some of the many local chemists that stock it. A prescription to purchase Ivermectin from within Thailand was not requested at any local pharmacies we visited.

The medication works by attacking viruses at their source- that means that, unlike flu drugs that only work on specific flu strains, this medication will attack all coronaviruses regardless of their strain classification. This makes it attractive as an alternative to a vaccine whose effectiveness is currently being questioned after nearly two years of lockdowns, mask-wearing, social distancing and disappointment. As time drags on and the efficacy of the vaccines drops, so does consumer confidence in what was originally sold as our way out of the pandemic.

Fight against covid arises

However, not everyone seems convinced with Ivermectin’s efficiency. According to one doctor who wished to remain anonymous, “While it does work well against coronavirus symptoms, there are safety risks involved. Some people side effects like nausea and fever after taking the drug. This is often due to an excess die-off of parasites in the patient’s body. This can come as a shock and cause some discomfort as the body tried to excrete the toxic remains of the parasites all at once.”

However, public health officials in some countries seem to be less concerned with this because of the urgency of the situation at hand, and the overwhelming success rate the medicine has had on critically ill patients. Until a more effective vaccine is developed or another miracle aid in the fight against covid arises, we expect the popularity of Ivermectin, despite the naysayers, will continue to grow.

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