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2024 Cereal Industry News and Trends

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2024 Cereal Industry News and Trends

Ah, cereal. There are so many types of it from crunchy and cold healthy cereal like Honey Bunches of Oats, colorful Froot Loops, and warm and grainy Quaker Oats oatmeal that comes in many different flavors.

Do you know what’s even more fun than just enjoying a bowl of cereal? It’s eating a bowl of cereal while playing your favorite game. Whether it’s a casino online game or one on your favorite console, snacking on cereal while gaming is like a match made in heaven. Give it a try some time while you are eating the cereal you love most.

What Are the Most Popular Cereal Brands?

Analyzing the 2024 trends of the cereal industry is best done by noting the most popular cereal brands on the market. The cereal brands that dominate grocery shelves the most are Post, Kellogg’s, and General Mills.

The Cereal Industry Overall

Americans are always on-the-go. Some mornings are so hectic that it just does not allow adults and children time to sit down and enjoy a bowl of cereal or hot oatmeal. Portable meal options like breakfast bars, fruit smoothies, or even quick-to-heat breakfast sandwiches are more so prevalent in American breakfasts at home throughout the week for convenience and time purposes to get out the door to school and work more quickly.

Hence, the cereal industry is experiencing a downturn of 1.3% in overall revenue as observed between 2019 to 2024. As of currently in 2024, the American cereal industry is valued at $11.7 billion.


Kellogg’s is the top cereal brand within the industry with a revenue of $3,133.4 million with $397.1 million in profit and a 12.7% profit margin. The CEO of Kellogg’s, Gary Pilnick, reports that their trend analysis is showing that cereal still maintains some popularity as a breakfast option, but that about a quarter of the time, cereal is even consumed at different times of the day such as for dinner or a snack.

General Mills

General Mills is the second most profitable cereal company on the market. Customers once flocked to General Mills cereals such as Cheerios, Chex, and Cookie Crisp. Back in December 2023, it was reported that with inflation influencing price increases for the company’s cereals, consumers are choosing to purchase store brands over name brands to save on grocery costs at checkout. The company is foreseeing that they may not return to their normal sales volume until summer 2024 at the possible earliest time.

Despite this downturn, General Mills is making a turnaround with $2,504.2 million in revenue with $465.6 million in profit compared to the prior year. Their profit margin is the highest out of the top three cereal brands right now, which is 18.6%.


Besides being known for popular cereals like Raisin Bran, Pebbles, and Shredded Wheat, Post is also known to be the third most prominent peanut butter manufacturer in the United States. Post produces about 1 billion pounds of breakfast cereal every year. That’s a lot of crunch and munch mixed with some milk!

Post Holdings, Inc. is the third most profitable cereal brand in the industry with $2,259.4 million in revenue for 2024. Unfortunately, they are facing a $228.4 million loss in profit compared to last year’s earnings, which is a 10.1% deduction in their profit margin.

Did you know that Malt-O-Meal is also a brand in the Post company? They have various breakfast cereals and oatmeals for sale at local grocery stores, including the titular big bag of cereal that’s not inside of a box like traditional cereals.


So are you a fan of Kellogg’s, General Mills, or Post cereals? Or maybe you are a fan of cereals from a mix of two or all of the top companies. Let us know in the comments below and we wish you many happy breakfasts to come!

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