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What To Watch This Weekend: Best TV Series & Movies [July 7th-9th]

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What to Watch This Weekend

What To Watch This Weekend – It’s Friday evening, and you’ve just finished a long week at work. You want to unwind and relax but are stuck on what to do.

You could go out and socialize, but after a hectic week, you only want to curl up on the couch and watch something. But with so many streaming platforms and options available, deciding what to watch is tough.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide on what to watch this weekend.

Whether you’re in the mood for a laugh or a good cry, we’ve got recommendations for everyone. So, please sit back, relax, and let us guide you to the perfect viewing experience.

What to Watch This Weekend: TV Shows

My Adventures with Superman: Season 1 (2023)

Taking flight into your TV lineup is the exciting new animated series My Adventures with Superman.

The primary and most compelling reason to tune in is none other than the iconic superhero himself, Superman! Whenever the Man of Steel is involved, the potential for greatness is undeniable.

Adding to the allure, the talented Jack Quaid, widely recognized for his role as Hughie in The Boys, lends his voice to the character of Clark Kent/Superman, showcasing his impressive acting range.

Alongside him, rising star and YouTuber Alice Lee brings the beloved character Lois Lane to life, forming a strong foundation for this talented voice cast.

Fans of Superman’s rich mythology will be delighted to know that this series incorporates a diverse array of popular characters from various media iterations, including Supergirl, Brainiac, Heat Wave, Deathstroke, Amanda Waller, and many more.

The inclusion of these familiar faces adds depth and excitement to the show, offering a nostalgic and thrilling experience for longtime enthusiasts.

The creators of My Adventures with Superman sought to explore the early years of Clark, Lois, and Jimmy Olsen at the Daily Planet, drawing inspiration from the revered 1978 film Superman.

Paying homage to Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman, a true legend in the role, ensures that the series captures the essence of the beloved character and embraces the magic that made the original film an enduring classic.

Where to Watch: Adult Swim

The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 2 (2023)

Presenting a compelling case for your valuable viewing time is the highly anticipated second season of The Lincoln Lawyer.

Following its first season’s remarkable success, boasting impressive Certified Fresh ratings with both the Tomatometer and Audience Scores hovering around 80%, this Netflix drama series has proven itself to be a solid choice. Exhibits 1 and 1A, if you will, demonstrate why this show deserves your attention.

Another enticing reason to dive into this series is its foundation in the captivating novels by Michael Connelly, much like the enduring success of the long-running Bosch series on Prime Video. Connelly’s storytelling prowess translates seamlessly to the screen, ensuring a riveting and immersive television experience.

Furthermore, the television adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer was brought to life by the talented David E. Kelley, a renowned creator whose portfolio encompasses an array of outstanding shows, ranging from the beloved Doogie Howser M.D. to the captivating Big Little Lies.

Kelley’s exceptional track record in crafting engaging television series adds another layer of intrigue to this already promising production.

In summary, The Lincoln Lawyer’s second season promises to deliver gripping storytelling, rooted in Michael Connelly’s compelling novels, while benefiting from the creative genius of David E. Kelley.

With a proven track record of success and critical acclaim, this series is poised to captivate and entertain viewers, making it a must-watch addition to your viewing lineup.

Where to Watch: Netflix

What to Watch This Weekend: Movies

Joy Ride (2023)

Arriving in cinemas is the comedy flick Joy Ride, featuring a stellar female ensemble that adds an extra spark to the film.

Leading the way are Stephanie Hsu, Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, and Sabrina Wu, bringing their strong and hilarious performances.

The story revolves around four unlikely friends who embark on an exhilarating international adventure, forming unbreakable bonds and gaining valuable life lessons along the way.

Directed by Adele Lim, this film marks her directorial debut after co-writing the critically acclaimed and widely loved films Crazy Rich Asians and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Lim’s immense talent shines through once again, making this movie a must-see for her fans and newcomers alike.

Adding to the excitement, comedy heavyweights Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg serve as producers, guaranteeing big laughs and a healthy dose of raunchiness.

Despite the bold humor, critics have embraced Joy Ride, resulting in a remarkable 92% Certified Fresh rating on the Tomatometer.

Where to Watch: In theaters

Insidious: The Red Door

Entering theaters this week with a spine-tingling presence is the horror film Insidious: The Red Door. As the fifth installment in the Insidious franchise, this movie stands as a direct sequel to the chilling 2010 film Insidious and its 2013 follow-up, Insidious: Chapter 2.

With familiar faces like Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne returning to reprise their roles, this is undoubtedly the first compelling reason to consider experiencing this haunting tale.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Patrick Wilson takes on a dual role, both in front of and behind the camera, as he makes his directorial debut with this film.

His involvement adds an intriguing layer of anticipation for fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.

While only the original Insidious film has achieved a “Fresh” rating on the Tomatometer thus far, the Insidious series has proven its mettle at the box office, with each installment garnering significant success.

This resounding popularity among audiences indicates that fans have been captivated by what they’ve witnessed and eagerly crave more.

If you count yourself among these devoted followers, Insidious: The Red Door promises to deliver the bone-chilling thrills you seek.

Where to Watch: In theaters

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