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Accident At The White House Gate Results In Motorist Death



White House
White House is visible through the fence at the North Lawn in Washington. Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP

(CTN News) – Earlier this week, a motorist crashed into the White House gates for the second time since January.

The driver in Saturday’s accident was pronounced dead at the scene after crashing a speeding car into an outer gate of the US president’s home and workplace. A traffic accident rather than an intentional or politically motivated accident was described by authorities as “only a traffic accident.”.

The Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi posted a statement on X stating there were “no threats to the White House” and “no implications for public safety.”.

According to the presidential and treasury security agency, the crash occurred just before 10.30pm and that unspecified “security protocols” had been implemented.

The Secret Service stated that security protocols were followed as officers cleared the vehicle and attempted to render aid to the deceased driver.

The officers attempted to render assistance to the driver, who was identified by Washington DC police as an adult male. The man has not been publicly identified, and the crash is being investigated as a traffic accident only.

Near the Treasury, the Ellipse and the South Lawn, approximately 1,000 feet (305 meters) from the White House, the accident occurred at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and the south-east corner of the complex.

An individual was arrested for crashing his car into an exterior gate of the White House in January.

Several news reports indicated that the man taken into custody after the crash suffered from mental health issues.

A Delaware man recently accidentally drove into the motorcade of vice president Joe Biden. Alcohol was later found to have been in his system when he was charged with DUI.

A U-Haul truck was involved in an accident in May of last year when it crashed into security barriers surrounding Lafayette Square. Investigators identified the driver as Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, of Chesterfield, Missouri, after they discovered a Nazi flag in his possession.

A charge of depredation over $1,000 was brought against Kandula by the federal government.

A driver attempted to gain entry to the complex during the Trump administration by following an authorized car through a gate in an attempt to gain entry to the complex.

Due to this threat, the Secret Service increased the height of the protective ringfence surrounding the White House from 6 feet (1.8 meters) to 13 feet (4 meters), in response to this threat.


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