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Mabelle Prior: The Voice of Hope, Resilience, and Diversity Inspiring Generations



Mabelle Prior

Mabelle Prior is one of the public figures whose perspective on culture, equality, race, diversity, art, and entrepreneurship in the 21st century has inspired many worldwide.

From a successful career in Journalism to authoring many insightful and thought-provoking books: Beyond Race, A Tale of Deadly Friendship, Voyage to the Dark Continent, and The Secret Code, Prior is famous for standing for what is right.

Being a Swiss of Togo and Ghana origin, Mabelle Prior has also experienced moments of racism firsthand and called out perpetrators without fear.

Mabelle Prior Calls Out Women-shaming and Patriarchism

Prior has also been a victim of women-shaming, calling men who engage in such unethical behaviours failures in life and who have never accepted that there are women who live better broader than they do.

Prior has been at the forefront of condemning the long-outdated patriarchism favouring men at the expense of societal equality.

According to Prior, many men detest strong women with much knowledge and power over their emotions and femininity.

Mentorship and Women Empowerment

Having worked as a producer of women’s and children’s programs in her early career at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation VSR Ho, Prior is passionate about promoting equality, and cultural diversity, with her famous brand “Association Swiss Most Beautiful” playing a critical role in promoting multi-culturalism and diversity in women’s beauty.

Established by Prior in 2014, ASMB has organised an annual Miss Swiss Most Beautiful pageant to promote women’s beauty and cultural diversity. However, the events are currently paused to allow Prior ample time to focus on family matters.

“Once an award-winning journalist, always an award-winning journalist. But creating my organisation Swiss Most Beautiful is the realisation of my desire to see a world where every girl sees herself as beautiful and valued no matter her shape, height, or origin,” says Prior.

Due to her professional commitment to Journalism in Switzerland, Prior became the first young black lady on the Federatif Committee of Migration and the first young black lady on the Federatif Committee of Women, inspiring many young and upcoming journalists.


Prior also worked at BIEL International Fashion Projects—a platform for promoting multicultural inter-nationality in Biel and Switzerland. She also served as the editorial director of Swiss Glamour Celebrities magazine.

With her passion for journalism, activism, art, and entrepreneurship, Prior has mentored many young and upcoming journalists seeking excellence in their carrier.

Life-changing Entrepreneurship Advice

When it comes to entrepreneurial insight, Prior has been sharing vital entrepreneurial advice backed by many years of experience with her followers, encouraging them to invest their money wisely and watch their profits grow instead of squandering the money while trying to look forward to getting more money that is not a guarantee.


Additionally, Prior always encourage her fans to invest in profitable ventures whenever they get an opportunity and grow their windfall. Prior also believes Switzerland is a perfect place to invest for locals and foreigners seeking peace of mind.

When it gets to lifestyle, Prior believes that people should live within their means as opposed to what their social media fans want, and encourages women to maintain decency without unnecessary sophistication.


Prior also urges her fans and media personalities to avoid social media addiction and use social platforms as avenues to make money and relieve tensions since passion can help in difficult times.

Mabelle Prior shares her passions: Family, Music, Gardening, and Travelling, with her followers to encourage them not to give up on their good passions since they can help them in difficult times.

mabelle prior

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