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Tesla Is Reportedly Trying To Move Old Products



Tesla Is Reportedly Trying To Move Old Products

(CTN News) – Automakers Tesla often offer discounts and incentives for customers to purchase old products when they wish to make room for even newer ones, so that they can sell the updated products for higher prices.

That is the circle of life, so automakers do this when they wish to get rid of existing cars to make room for even newer ones.

As a rule, this is done to prepare for a new model year, or even a new generation of cars – that’s what automakers usually mean when they say “all-new,” they mean this is a new generation of the vehicle, not just a new model year, but Tesla has always attempted to disguise its approach.

One of the problems with Tesla is that they don’t do model years,

Although they enjoy playing with pricing. It is not to stoke demand, however, since Tesla does not have a demand problem, but a supply problem, or at least that’s what CEO Elon Musk claims.

Since Tesla cars are constantly updated over-the-air, there is no need to worry about model years, since you will always receive the most recent version.
In its infancy, Tesla could credibly claim to be different, but for years now it has been more or less like a regular automobile manufacturer – yet that has never stopped Tesla.

Even so, every week, or even every day now, Tesla reminds us of just how ordinary it is as a car manufacturer. Recent examples include a Reuters article that says is doing something unusual: It plans to launch a new version of one of its models and, as a result, is offering money off the current model.

In the article, it is stated that a new Model 3 will be released this year, as well as some changes to the Model Y, including new hardware.

However, if you wait for a few months, you may be able to purchase a different Model 3 or Model Y, whose price is likely to change several times over the next few months.

Whether any of this is a “deal” or not seems to be mostly determined by one’s feelings about Tesla, although thinking about car buying in such a manner really takes the fun out of the process. Just in time for the holiday season, will be hosting its annual sales event.


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