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Report: T-Mobile And Verizon Are In Talks To Buy US Cellular’s Assets

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(CTN News) – According to a story that was published by the Wall Street Journal yesterday, T-Mobile is apparently getting closer to finalizing an agreement to spend more than $2 billion to acquire an interest in the regional carrier.

This information was obtained from the report after it was published. To add insult to injury, this would make it feasible for T-Mobile to acquire licenses for wireless airwaves and specific operations.

There have been a number of reports that have been published recently that have suggested that it is feasible for T-Mobile to complete a transaction prior to the end of the month.

The Wall Street Journal reports that it is predicted that it will take a longer period of time for Verizon and US Cellular to get officially involved in discussions on a separate acquisition. Furthermore, it is anticipated that this will take place.

The structure of the split-sale transactions lends credibility to the assurances made by both carriers that the arrangement will not have a negative impact on competition; however, the United States regulators will still analyze any potential harm that may occur as a result of the arrangement.

Among the three major regional mobile carriers in the United States, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are the most prominent operators. It is without a doubt the largest of the three regional mobile providers, and US Cellular is one of the local mobile service providers.

Four million mobile devices, the most of which are situated in rural areas throughout 21 states in the United States, are connected to the network as a result of its efforts.

A total of more than four thousand cell towers owned by the corporation are responsible for more than three billion dollars’ worth of market value.

It is believed that the corporation is not interested in selling these assets, as stated by the Wall Street Journal. This is the belief that has been put up.

According to a study that was conducted and published by New Street Research (NRS) earlier this year, it is stated that US Cellular possesses a broad spectrum range.

C-band, cellular, PCS, AWS, CBRS, 3.45 GHz, and bands at 24, 28, 37, and 39 GHz are all included in this spectrum. Additionally, 600 and 700 MHz are also included.

A number of speculations circulated during the summer of 2017 suggesting that Dish Network was contemplating the acquisition of US mobile. Speculation served as the foundation for these rumors. Despite this, taking into account the latter’s current financial woes, it seems as though this is an incredibly unlikely occurrence to take place.

Just a few weeks after entering into a joint venture (JV) with EQT Infrastructure to acquire the fiber-to-the-home platform Lumos, T-Mobile has indicated that it is interested in investing in the company. This interest did not arise until after the JV was put into effect.

The telecoms operator plans to purchase not just all of the existing fiber subscribers but also a fifty percent stock holding in the joint venture.

This acquisition will take place over the course of nine hundred and fifty million dollars. It is anticipated that Lumos will, in the future, make use of the funds that have been invested by T-Mobile in order to fund the building of other fiber networks.


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