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Eurovision Song Contest 2024: How Canadians Can Watch



Eurovision Song
Baby Lasagna of Croatia performs the song Rim Tim Tagi Dim during the first semi-final at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden, Tuesday, May 7, 2024. (Martin Meissner/AP Photo)

(CTN News) – The 68th Eurovision Song Contest is presently being held in Malmo, Sweden, and it is catching the attention of some of the most famous and extravagant performers in Europe.

A telephone survey is carried out on an annual basis among spectators from all across Europe, with the purpose of picking their preferred singers from three live concerts that are spread out over a period of five days.

There is a coexistence of absurd and campy acts on the programs, as well as original music performed by ensembles and soloists hailing from 37 different nations.

The victor from the previous year is the one who decides which country will be designated as the host country. A song titled “Tattoo,” which was performed by Swedish artist Loreen, was given the top prize.

What was the beginning of the competition known as Eurovision Song?

For the purpose of determining whether or not live transmission could be made practicable, the European transmission Union (EBU) held its first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956.

This was done as a cost-saving experiment. Despite the fact that only seven countries took part in the competition, Lys Assia of Switzerland emerged triumphant with her song titled “Refrain.”

Throughout the decade of the 1960s, eighteen different countries took part in the event. Following the conclusion of the Cold War, more nations located in Central and Eastern Europe that maintained communist bases were permitted access into the United States. The number of competitors has increased significantly over the past few years, reaching a high of 43 in each of the years 2008, 2011, 2018, and 2018.

According to previous rounds of the tournament, a minimum of fifty-two countries were represented in the competition.

The Eurovision Song Contest, which is currently in its 68th year of operation, has been officially acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the annual international music competition that has been aired the most continually as of this year.

Why does it have such a huge amount of popularity?

There were a total of 162 million viewers who accessed the three live events in 2023, and they were spread throughout 38 public service media markets. Some people believe that the event, which gave audience members the opportunity to vote for their preferred singers, was the first television program that was similar to “American Idol.” In addition, the format, which is modeled after the Olympic Games, helps to cultivate a sense of national pride throughout Europe.

Despite the fact that nations are not permitted to vote for their own countries, there are others who believe that this indicates that the winning nation is the one that has the highest performance and is not something that is determined by popularity.

For many years, many people held the belief that the event played a role in fostering unity among Eurovision Song European nations, that it was friendly, and that it was free of any political motivations.

Protests have taken place throughout the length of this year’s competition, despite the fact that Israel is set to compete in 2024 despite the continuing conflict in Gaza.

Over ten thousand to twelve thousand people, some of whom were carrying Palestinian flags, took part in the rallies, according to the estimates provided by the police in Malmo. There is a high probability that there will be a bigger number of protesters present at the Eurovision Song Final on Saturday.

What are the factors that make it possible to observe it?

The event can be viewed live and without cost on YouTube, which is accessible to Canadians. There were millions of people who watched the live stream of the first performances of the year that were broadcast on YouTube.

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, at three o’clock Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and twelve o’clock Pacific Standard Time (PST), the Eurovision Song Final will be broadcast.


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