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US Sportsbook Reviews the Top 5 Super Bowl Bets Ever



US Sportsbook Reviews the Top 5 Super Bowl Bets Ever

The Super Bowl props origins date from 1986 when the Caesars US sportsbook owner offered the first-ever bet of the kind. In an attempt to attract more customers, he added spice by offering 20/1 odds on William Perry to score a touchdown in the final.

The 350-pound defensive tackle has only scored three touchdowns in his career, but one happened just on that occasion, resulting in a six-figure debacle for the Las Vegas books. Nevertheless, the debacle turned into a magnificent investment, giving birth to prop bets, the type of wagers sportsbooks made much more money on in years that came.

Nowadays, you can place props bet wagers at any serious US sportsbook. The array of options is even wider following the legalization of sports betting on a federal level. Whether you bet on BetRivers, Caesars, DraftKings, or an international sportsbook, you’ll find numerous Super Bowl prop markets. These almost represent a win-win situation for everyone for sports betting.

People love a chance to bet on some of the silliest markets possible to have more fun while watching the most significant sporting event in the country, while sportsbooks make more money on these bets given the odds are way off the actual probability of a certain outcome to happen. Since 1986, we’ve witnessed bountiful crazy Super Bowl prop bets. Here are the most exciting ones:

5 – The Number of Tweets Donald Trump will Post on the Super Bowl Day

We are all familiar with Donald Trump’s sympathies for Twitter. The US president uses it as one of the main tools to fight his political opponents and share his views on all kinds of events. The Super Bowl is included in the list of these. Sportsbooks took advantage by installing this rather unusual betting market in their Super Bowl betting offer. Only tweets on the day of the Super Bowl were calculated and the line went up to 13.5 last year.

4 – Player to Have a Concussion during the Game

We could discuss Super Bowl bets in terms of how interesting they are, but this one seems to have gone too far we’d say. Las Vegas sportsbooks have recently offered an option for bettors to predict whether a player (any player on both teams) would leave the field through a concussion. Such bets are certainly not in the spirit of the game. After all, how could someone place such a bet and cheer for anyone to have a concussion? The worst part is that people have actually placed such picks.

3 – A Player to End the Game with Exactly 69 Yards

This one is entirely opposite to the aforementioned market. Sportsbooks have added a dose of humor by setting the line exactly at a provocative number 69. In theory, there are around 10 players who can genuinely finish the Super Bowl with this exact number of yards conquered, but who would bet on the exact number, and not just an ordinary number? Believe it or not, the number of these picks is bigger than you think.

2 – The First Company whose Commercial Will Be Shown

Commercials have always been a big part of the Super Bowl folklore and the sportsbooks have recognized it. Since this information is not available to the public, the sports betting operators offer attractive odds on certain company’s commercial to go first in the air.

1 – To Whom Will the MVP Give Thanks First?

In the sea of funny and crazy bets, this one had to take the top spot. You can’t know who would win the MPV award in the first place, yet who would be the first thanked person by him. The biggest chances are that an MVP will give thanks to God or his family, but you can also bet on his teammates, friends, girlfriend, etc.



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