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Recommendations for Doing Sports in Extreme Weather



Recommendations for Doing Sports in Extreme Weather

Sports in Extreme Weather: When the athlete makes the decision to participate in a competition, it is essential that they have prior knowledge of the weather conditions that they will face, know the temperature of the water in which they will swim, and the route in which they will run. Knowing this information, the athlete should train in conditions similar to those they will face later.

Heavy rain, snowfall, fast winds, and high temperatures. All these are climatic situations that can occur at any moment of the year and in which you should be careful if you want to exercise without suffering any mishap.

If you love sports, especially outdoors, surely you will not want anything to stop you. Here you will learn what things to have in mind before and during your workout under extreme weather conditions.

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Read This If You Will Be Exercising in Very Cold Weather

Use wool gloves if it is an extremely cold day, with temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. It is crucial to know that the hands do not get hot when running. If the outside temperature gets less cold, remove your gloves, and you are ready to go.

You have to know how to breathe when the air gets colder. Always try to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth to protect your bronchi. Cover your head with a hat, as heat dissipates faster in that body part.

It is vital to use Vaseline to avoid injuries. Apply it where the sports clothing rubs your skin and on the face and ears since this prevents the cold from cracking the skin at low temperatures.

A significant thing to consider is that if the thermometer shows less than 5 degrees, you should warm up about 10 minutes before the race since the cold causes the muscles to seize up and shorten, which can cause injuries. When the body has warmed up, you will feel an external thermal sensation of 16 degrees Celsius while running.

After training, hot drinks such as tea, coffee, or chocolate, among others, will help you recover the heat of your body and keep you well hydrated since the cold may not seem like it, also dehydrates you.

Read This If You Will Be Exercising in Extremely Hot and Humid Weather

The athlete must be exposed to a cold environment and use wet towels or cold clothing before competing. This will delay the temperature increase process, favoring the athlete’s performance. Hydration plays a very vital role.

Experts recommend drinking 2 liters of liquids the day before, ingesting 500 ml 2 hours before the competition, and approximately 250 ml of water every 15 minutes during the activity you will carry out, so you can maintain an optimal state of hydration.

You must bring your body to an immediate recovery at the end of the competition, gradually lowering your body temperature, stretching, not exposing yourself to the sun, and taking care of your diet based on proteins, carbohydrates, and rehydration. Also, do not forget to use sunscreen.

Stay Properly Hydrated

Progressive dehydration can happen during exercise since many athletes do not ingest enough fluids to replace the loss of water and electrolytes that occurs through sweat. This will not only generate a decrease in physical performance but also will increase the risk of injury and can put the health and life of the athlete at stake.

Staying hydrated is vitally important, especially while exercising in high temperatures. Heat and dehydration are a dangerous mix since they could even make you pass out during your workout. Try to drink enough water before going outdoors, but you should also take a bottle of water (preferably) or an energy drink to hydrate you during the day.

Wear the Right Clothes

Each type of weather requires different clothing. If you go out when it is hot and sunny, you will want to stay cool and protect yourself from the sun’s rays at the same time. If you are working out somewhere cold and wet, you will want to stay warm but dry. The Arcteryx shell jackets could be your ideal complement in the latter case.

You should also wear the proper type of footwear. Research what recommendations give the experienced athletes who exercise under the same weather conditions that you will. Then, you can use that as a reference to know what clothing to buy, so you will be well prepared to face the weather.

Once dressed and before putting on the last jacket, start to warm up inside the house. You can do light ankle, knee, and leg flexions. Gently flex your neck, arms, and wrists. Do rotations with your arms and legs, but do everything lightly.

Remember that you are just getting ready. Do not try to stretch or make sudden movements because you are still cold, and you could injure yourself. Move around before you go out, walk around, or do some chores that make you move around a bit.

It does not matter if you have sweated a lot or a little, surely there is some moisture in your clothes and body, so it is necessary to change into dry clothes as soon as possible.

Avoid staying in your sweaty clothes for too long and change all of your clothes, from the top to the socks. If you have exercised in cold weather, take a nice hot bath after training so that your body quickly recovers its temperature.


It is essential to know the correct acclimatization protocols to maintain adequate body heat levels through good sports equipment or with refreshing cold showers or baths in the sea. The diet also plays a fundamental role, and the intake of fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients that helps hydration is recommended.

By following the proper recommendations, anyone could enjoy exercising in high and low temperature climates. Summer is an ideal time to practice sports, to stay active, and to enjoy sports.

But it is essential to respect the basic recommendations to protect people’s health, especially the elderly and those with cardiovascular ailments.

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