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Spanish National Anthem Has No Lyrics For World Cup 2022. Next Qatari Fixture And Royal March



Spanish National Anthem Has No Lyrics For World Cup 2022. Next Qatari Fixture And Royal March

(CTN News) – Spanish National Anthem ; In the Qatari World Cup, reigning champions France defeated Australia 4-1 to begin their campaign, while England firmly put aside any goal-drought concerns by beating Iran 6-2 by scoring four goals, including one from Jude Bellingham, one from Raheem Sterling, one from Marcus Rushford and another from Boakye Saka.

Argentina, one of the tournament favorites, suffered the shock loss to Saudi Arabia in their opening match, while Germany also lost to Japan 2-1 in a shock defeat.

After reaching the semifinals of the 2020 Euros, Luis Enrique will hope to take his side one step further in the World Cup when they take on Costa Rica. This is later today, Wednesday 23 November.

Prior to the match, fans will notice that Spain’s national anthem does not have lyrics, unlike most anthems. Spanish National Anthem footballers won’t sing along to Spain’s national anthem for a few reasons.

Spanish national anthem: what is it?

Among the four national anthems in the world without lyrics, the Marcha Real is the only one without lyrics. In 1761, Manuel de Espinosa de los Monteros wrote one of the oldest documents in the world. When Isobel II ruled Spain in 1874, the piece of music became the official Spanish National Anthem with its original title, “La Marcha Granadera.”

Does The Marcha Real have lyrics?

Words have been written and adopted in the past for the Spanish National Anthem, but there are no official lyrics. During Alfonso XIII’s reign (1886-1931), one version of the song was used, which featured three verses: ‘Flag of Spain’; ‘Spain Guiding’ and ‘Long live Spain!’

During the Francoist State, another set of lyrics was written, but none were ever made official. Therefore, since 1978, the anthem has been played without words after those approved by General Franco were abandoned. As symbols of National-Catholicism, the General’s right-wing ideology, these lyrics were fitting.

Can you tell me when Spain’s first World Cup game will take place?

The match is scheduled to start at 4pm GMT on Wednesday 23 November. With a capacity of 40,000, the Al Thumama Stadium has been open since October 2021 and will host Spain’s opener.

The ITVX service, previously known as the ITV Hub, will stream all of the match coverage on ITV. Coverage can only be accessed by signing up for a free account.


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