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The World Cup According to VAR

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The World Cup According to VAR

The long-awaited Fifa World Cup has concluded, and the fans were treated like they were in a fairytale of some kind.

After 64 matches and a record-breaking 172 goals, we finally have a winner of this 2022 World Cup edition.

This was the 22nd edition of the World Cup, and it was the first time in history that the footballing festival took place in the Winter season.

The final was played between Argentina and France, and it was Messi and the team that came out on top after a hard-fought battle.

Lionel Messi lifted the prize that he always alluded to and became the greatest of all time.

The tournament was full of thrilling games, lively team and individual performances, and of course world-class technology.

You might be wondering how did World Cup in Qatar bring the tech revolution in sports. Well, technology took center stage in the World Cup, and not only it helped officials make difficult calls, but it also kept spectators from all over the World engaged to the game.

Tech Innovations At World Cup In Qatar And How They Changed The Sport In The Future

Technology has played a major role in the World Cup with goal-line technology and Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR).

VAR has been a part of football for some time now, but it was introduced in the World Cup for the first time and has impacted the game in a significant way.

VAR in the World Cup has been helpful to the referees in correcting the possible errors and situations where decisions need to be made in case of a penalty or possible red card.

In addition to this, the new semi-automated offside technology was also introduced. With the implementation of the new tracking, technology has streamlined the offside calls in the World Cup.

The World Cup ball Al Rihla comes with a suspension system with a motion sensor that always tracks the foot’s contact with the ball.

The artificial intelligence analyzes the situations and flags the players that are offside, and a 3D animation provides the best possible perspectives to the football fans.

Another technological innovation that made this World Cup possible to enjoy for foreign fans and players was the Free Cool technology.

This environment-friendly and low-energy cooling system help to maintain the temperature of the stadium between 18-24.

Hence, giving the players and fans a comfortable environment during the hot weather.

In order to make the FIFA world cup accessible the BONOCLE technology was also introduced in the World Cup.

BONOCLE is the first-ever braille entertainment program that will make digital content accessible to visually impaired people.

Now they can also watch their favorite teams and players scoring goals and saving penalties, and enjoy the game like everyone else.

Whether it’s adjusting lights or temperature, managing crowd flow, or other action areas the new technology is making things easy. They also provide a robust, coherent assessment of the current situation.

Final Words

There is no doubt that these technological interventions have strengthened the game and changed the way we look at sports in general.

With the new innovative sports tech, we could very we say that it is the foundation of a new era in football.

The game has come a long way since its origin when a pig bladder was used instead of an actual ball.

This boom in technology can change the way we look at sports and we cannot wait to see what the future of football holds.

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