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Police Seize Assets Worth US$2.9 Million from Drug Cartel

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Police seize assest from drug cartel

A major drug cartel network has been dismantled during raids in four provinces by the narcotics suppression police in Thailand. Four people were arrested and assets worth about 105 million baht (US$2.9 million) were seized as a result of the raids.

On Tuesday morning, Narcotics Suppression Bureau officers searched 10 locations in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, and Chachoengsao provinces to seize the assets of Thanakit Srisaknok, 31, commonly known as “Jojo Min Buri”, believed to be the head of a major drug ring.

NSB chief Pol Lt Gen Sarayut Sa-nguanphokhai said four suspected members of the network were arrested during the raids.

Narcotics police reported that the assets seized included a two-storey building, an apartment building and 370,000 baht cash – worth about 43.37 million baht (US$1.318 million) in total and believed to be the proceeds of drug trafficking.

The arrest of Mr. Thanakit and his girlfriend Nuanchan Buaban took place at a petrol station in the Klong Sam Wa district on June 14. The police seized 442.70 grams of ketamine from Thanakit and impounded assets worth 1.7 million baht (US$47,400).

His arrest followed the March 31 arrest by crime suppression police and soldiers of a drug dealer and the seizure of 300 grams of crystal methamphetamine and 2,000 meth pills in the Min Residence building in Min Buri district.

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It is believed that the suspect delivered drugs to young people in the Min Buri area, according to Pol Lt Gen Sarayut.

In the course of the suspect’s questioning, Mr. Thanakit was implicated in the drug trade by the suspect. According to him, Mr. Thanakit provided him with the drugs he sold.

The narcotics suppression officers also arrested 23 suspects in five other drug cases in other provinces, Police Lt Gen Sarayut reported. Four kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine, 4,096,000 grams of meth, and 62 million baht (US$1.72 million) in assets were seized.

In one of those cases, two pickup trucks, three mobile phones, and 3.8 million meth pills were impounded in the Kranuan district, Khon Kaen, Pol Maj Gen Sarayut said.

In addition to closing down the network, he said authorities would arrest the remaining members of the drug cartel and seize their assets.