Tropical Storm Noru Is About To Hit Thailand’s North-East This Thursday


Tropical Storm Noru is About to Hit Thailand’s North-East this Thursday



(CTN News) – After sweeping through Vietnam and Laos, tropical storm Noru is expected to hit Thailand’s north-eastern provinces of Mukdahan and Amnat Charoen this Thursday.

Like the Dianmu storm in September last year, the storm is expected to bring heavy rain to Thailand.

According to the Thai Meteorological Department, Noru, the first tropical storm to hit Thailand this year, is moving westward at a speed of 25kph and will make landfall in central Vietnam this Wednesday.

Tropical Storm Noru to Bring 2 Days of Heavy Rain to Northern Thailand

During the period Wednesday through Sunday, the approaching storm will strengthen the south-westerly monsoon looming over the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, resulting in widespread heavy rain and isolated very heavy rain throughout Thailand, including Bangkok and surrounding provinces.

Flood warnings are issued to people living near natural waterways, while those living at the base of mountains are warned of flash floods.

Stormy seas and high waves in both the Andaman Sea and Gulf are advising small vessels to remain ashore during this period.

Several low-lying areas in Nakhon Ratchasima were inundated this morning (Monday) by overflows from the Lam Takhong River.

People living in 18 out of 32 districts of the province, including Muang, Soeng Sang, Choke Chai, Pak Chong, Phimai, Pak Thong Chai, Si Khieu, and Khon Buri, have been advised to prepare for tropical storm Noru, which is expected to bring heavy rain to north-eastern provinces.

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