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Meteorologist Warns of Scorching Temperatures in Thailand During March and April

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Thailand Temperatures During Songkran to Hit 43 Degrees Celsius

Thailand’s Meteorological Department anticipates summer to begin late this month and predicts high heat in March and April, with temperatures reaching 43-45°C in several districts.

According to the Meteorological department, temperatures in the upper portion of the country will begin to increase this week, with the exception of mountaintops in the upper North and Northeast.

The lower North, Northeast, Central Plain, including Greater Bangkok, and East of Thailand will experience heat, with the country formally entering summer late this month, according to the department.

This week’s greatest daily temperatures of 35-38°C are forecast around 4 p.m., with rainy days providing the sole reprieve.

“And this summer, the weather will be hot, and quite hot in several places. “The highest temperatures could reach 43-45°C in some provinces,” the department stated.

According to the report, such intense heat could occur in March and April, with temperatures 1-2°C higher than last year.

The hot heat in Thailand during the summer may be harsh, so remain hydrated and seek shade wherever possible. It is typical to observe both locals and tourists finding sanctuary in air-conditioned areas to avoid the scorching heat.

While sunny days are ideal for beach relaxing and outdoor activities, it is critical to protect against sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Embracing the tropical climate entails indulging in refreshing pleasures such as iced beverages and water sports to beat the heat. So bring your sunscreen and sunglasses for a hot summer excursion in Thailand!

Summer in the North combines lush landscapes, vibrant cultures, and delectable cuisine. From exploring historic temples to travelling through lush woods, there is never a dull moment in this region.

The warm weather encourages travellers to participate in exciting activities such as zip-lining or elephant trekking, while the night markets are a foodie’s dream, with sizzling street food vendors serving traditional Thai flavours.

Whether you want to relax in a charming town or have fun in a bustling city, the North has something for everyone looking for a wonderful summer vacation.

Thailand Extends Songkran Festival to 21 Days

Thailand Extends Songkran Festival to 21 Days

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