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Bangkok Taxi Drivers Protest Autogas Price Increases Outside the Ministry Of Energy



Bangkok Taxi Drivers Protest Autogas Price Increases Outside the Ministry Of Energy

(CTN News) – In front of the Ministry of Energy today, angry Bangkok taxi drivers protested the price hike on autogas, LPG, and NGV.

Following the recent price increases, Witune Naewpanich, President of the Thai Taxi Association, called on the government to support the industry.

Since no one used taxis during Covid-19, taxi drivers’ income decreased. As well as that, they weren’t allowed to raise fares yet fuel prices continued to rise.

According to Witune, the association is requesting that the Energy Minister, Suphapong Panmechao, launch four supporting measures.


  1. Reduce the cost of NGV and LPG gas for taxi drivers
  2. Offer taxi drivers a special discount coupon for autogas
  3. Taxi drivers should be allowed to exchange their old cars for electric ones at a reasonable price to encourage the use of electric taxis
  4. Every taxi driver and his family should receive a survival set

The Thai media reported today that more than 100 Bangkok taxi drivers gathered in front of the Ministry of Energy at noon.

As they parked their cars in front of the ministry, each driver held up a sign complaining about the fuel hikes. According to the signs…

“How can I survive with debt?”

“I’m exhausted. I don’t know what I work for, rice or gas?”

“Survive from Covid-19 but die of debt”

“It’s not just the COVID that can kill us; it’s also the gas price.”

According to one taxi driver, autogas costs 600 baht per day. In the past, the driver said he only paid between 200 and 300 baht. In the past, it was about eight baht per liter, but now it is 15 baht.

According to the driver, half of his daily earnings go toward fuel, the rest toward food and car rentals.

A representative from the Ministry of Energy contacted taxi drivers and promised to discuss it at the next Cabinet meeting and update them later.

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