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The Link Between Watford FC, Bitcoin and Online Gambling

Watford FC, Bitcoin,crypto currency
Watford F.C has just become the first Premier League team to be sponsored by a crypto currency (Bitcoin) gambling operator.

Bookmakers,online casinos and Bitcoin were quick to realize the advantages of promoting their products and services through partnerships with sports organizations. Football is the most popular sports and the Premier League is arguably the strongest championship in the world, so it exercises a special attraction.

A significant percentage of the English football clubs are sponsored by Bitcoin and gambling operators, including teams from the first division and the Championship.

Watford FC signs an agreement with Sportsbet.io

It is not surprising for football clubs to choose their partners among gambling operators, particularly sports books. Having said this, the vast majority of English teams shook hands with regular bookmakers who allow punters to bet in traditional currencies.

The surging popularity of crypto currencies like Bitcoin has led to a surge in the number of sports books and casinos accepting this type of gambling. Watford F.C has just become the first Premier League team to be sponsored by a crypto currency gambling operator.

Those who watch the football matches played by Watford will be pleasantly surprised to discover the Bitcoin logo on the players’ shirts sleeves. This will have a two-pronged effect, on one hand signaling the arrangement with Sportsbet.io, on the other, rising awareness about crypto currencies. Apparently, the scope of this campaign goes beyond the classic advertising deals, as the public is expected to learn more about the upside of using crypto currencies.

Online gambling opens up to Bitcoin

The best-known and most use crypto currency is obviously accepted at Sportsbet.io, but the gambling group along with other online casinos allows players to deposit and wager in other types of digital money. You should always read some trusted reviews before signing up to any online betting sites.

The goal is to deliver a fun and transparent gaming experience, while also encouraging people to use the innovative currency. The partnership with the Hornets should help increase awareness, while also advancing their own interests.

What usually happens when a football clubs shakes hands with a gambling group is that punters are the direct beneficiaries of the deal. In this case, players will be eligible for a 2 mBTC free bet, which in turn should encourage more to sign up for an account and start gambling here.

The crypto community is growing steadily and many of those who share a passion for digital money and gambling use it almost exclusively at online casinos.

Watford are currently struggling in the Premier League, but they hope that the recent agreement will help them stay on the right path. The goal is to avoid relegation at the end of the season and play for at least one more year among the best football clubs in the world.

Time will tell if the deal with Sportsbet.io will be extended at the end of the season regardless of the results recorded by Watford. For the time being, this is a meaningful moment for the crypto currency friendly betting site, as well as the English football club.


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