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How Will The World Cup Affect UK Pubs?



How Will The World Cup Affect UK Pubs?

(CTN News) – The 2022 Qatar World Cup is being watched around the globe this weekend, but some Brits may be watching it in their local pub.

It is estimated that pubs across the UK could receive a £6 million boost from England’s World Cup quarter-final match against France on Saturday. In November 2022, the hospitality sector suffered a 7.1 percent decrease in sales, which could be very welcome news for pub owners.

The UK pub industry missed out on a £155 million World Cup boost, according to new research from Simply Business. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each pub lost on average £40,000.


Do UK pubs have a silver lining from the World Cup?

The cost-of-living crisis has forced many pubs across the UK to close, but could the World Cup quarter-finals boost drink sales by £6 million?

Some Brits may take a trip to their local pub this weekend to watch ‘the beautiful game’ as they tune in to watch the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

In a study by Simply Business, pubs in the UK missed out on a $155 million boost during the World Cup. The COVID-19 pandemic left each pub with an average loss of £40,000.

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An additional 38 million pints of beer would have been consumed in the UK if the  had taken place in the summer (and the men’s England team had reached the final).

Stanford predicts that showing football in December is unlikely to bring in much extra revenue due to rising costs.

VYPR’s “World Cup Summary Steers” report also reveals that many consumers plan to stay at home to watch England vs France on 10 December 2022. The survey found that 47 percent of respondents plan to watch the game at home rather than in a pub.

Additionally, 72 percent of those surveyed said they would watch the semi-finals with family rather than friends.

Are you giving gifts or setting goals?

Despite the fact that the World Cup is still very popular (42 percent of consumers intend to watch the England vs France match this winter), Simply Business has said that the full impact of World Cup trade will not be felt by the hospitality industry, as pubs already experience an upturn in business due to the holiday season.

In addition, consumers may need to prioritize their money according to what is essential throughout December. Buying groceries and Christmas gifts, or celebrating at the pub with friends (hopefully)?

Alan Thomas, UK CEO at Simply Business, noted pub owners will have to prioritize as the winter World Cup overlaps with the festive season. The two busiest times of the year will be rolled into one, resulting in lower profits for many publicans.”

A VYPR World Cup Watch survey has revealed that 47 percent of respondents plan to order pizza during the World Cup.

According to VYPR, food and drink are sure to be a big part of this weekend’s festivities. A total of 61 percent of survey respondents said they would purchase snacks, 60 percent alcohol, 51 percent take-away food, 47 percent soft drinks, and 42 percent will purchase food to cook at home.

With so many football fans at home, retail sales of food and beverages could rise.


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