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2 The Most Athletic Social Media Models

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Athletic Social Media Models

More and more girls with each new day join such a wonderful and useful activity as fitness. And among them are a decent number of very popular models from Instagram and other social services, which have millions of subscribers. These girls are very serious and closely watch their appearance and demonstrate the result of their efforts in the photos that they post on their profile.

Bruna Lima

The famous American model, known all over the planet as one of the most athletic and charming girls, has achieved a perfect physique with the help of squats and other hard physical exercises. Despite the fact that she is now a US citizen and has been living in one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Florida for a long time, she is Brazilian by origin – a native of the island of Espiritu Santo. Also in her blood, there is a particle of Italian blood along the father’s line. She works as an instructor in the gym, although she previously held there only a position of service personnel in a local refreshing bar.

Alice Matos

Another stunning Brazilian girl with a very slim and athletic physique. She was born in 1985 in the southern part of the country. She began to play sports and compete in the IFBB Bikini International league, becoming one of the most famous girls in bodybuilding. After that, she also became a model, and at the moment she is also listed among journalists, bloggers, entrepreneurs and other popular media personalities, embodying the image of an incredibly strong woman and being an idol for millions of women from all over the world. In addition to strength training, Alice finds time for beach volleyball, women’s football and even tennis.

Amanda Saccomanno

World-famous female celebrity from the USA, professional wrestler, see more in the list of Canadian wrestlers, model, actress, fitness athlete and who knows who else. Also, at one time, this attractive blonde performed in professional bodybuilding and even there she was able to achieve good results. She was born in 1991 in a family of immigrants from Italy, has siblings. At an earlier age, she was seriously fond of diverse dances. She got into wrestling in 2015 and is currently there and is not going to leave in the near future. Among other things, Amanda Saccomanno has a high love for animals and advocates for their rights. She even took two stray dogs from the shelter.

Valeria Bearwolf

Famous blogger, trainer and fitness model from the Russian Federation. She gained popularity thanks to her scandalous videos and photos where she dances, grimaces, provokes bystanders and is engaged in many other lewd practices. In addition, Valeria Bierwolf offers everyone a variety of paid services. For example, she can create a training program and so on. In addition, she often spoke rudely and obscenely towards her subscribers and many other people. She also invites advertising and modelling agencies to cooperate, but, hike, no one is particularly eager to do this.

Valerie Cossette

Canadian popular model and media personality born in 1993. The lady is 26 years old and stands out in the crowd of other young girls with her numerous tattoos that cover her body in a dense layer. In Canada, in general, girls with tattoos have become very popular lately. She was born under the sign of Cancer. Some more facts about Valeria Cosetti: She is a prominent Instagram model whose selfie game helped her to get a multi-million army of subscribers. She designed and published the first photoset on the Internet in 2014 – all 5 years ago. Has a sister and often travel to Mexico.

Alesya Kafelnikova

Lucky 20-year-old fashion model who was born in Moscow. Sister of the famous tennis player of the same name, who also the first glimpse of attention to his beautiful sister. It is known that Lady Kafelnikova received her initial education in Russia, but after that, she went to receive a prestigious education abroad, in England, as is customary among the Russian elite and celebrities. At the moment, he is one of the golden Russian youth participating in numerous and expensive events that regularly take place in the Russian capital.

Anna Nystrom

Anna the best model in Sweden, for many years persistent in fitness and pumped up an incredibly strong and slender body. He maintains his own blog with photographs and also collaborates on an ongoing basis with many eminent brands engaged in the production of a variety of useful things: clothes, swimwear, sports equipment and nutrition, and so on.




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