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New Awesome Ford Mustang For Tough Guys!

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Ford Mustang

Or should I have started so that Belmondo and Bullitt would have chosen ?! So, in the French film, which is known as “Outlaw” or “Man Beyond the Boundary” (at the French box office “Le Marginal”) in 1983, the protagonist drove an incomparable Ford Mustang sports coupe! And if there was a remake in 2021, then the main hero would definitely ride the Mustang, which will be discussed in this article.

Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo. When the henchmen of his main enemy and the main “bastard” of the film, kill his childhood friend, he (in the film, his hero is Commissioner Jordan), chases the killers in an armoured and forced sports car Ford Mustang of the first generation, arranges unrealistic chases, and rams them, which are also on the five-meter and powerful eight-cylinder Dodge Aspen sedan (5.9-litre engine).

And thanks to the powerful motor the Ford Mustang finally catches up with them. He stops, completely immobilizing their car, and begins with strikes, with a running start, like a hammer or a “waste service machine” press, to turn their car into an iron square, and finally kills them in it. Or the infamous 1968 Bullitt film. Where the protagonist Bullitt also chases the bandits, though the chase is longer and more beautiful, especially since his opponents are driving an equally glorious coupe – Dodge Charger!

Today we will talk about the wonderful project Restomod Mustang. And it’s called The Black Death, owned by Laurent Deucalion and is from South Africa. More precisely from Cape Town! And there, it seems, like “bitter evil and gloomy” themes. And the style also lives up to the nickname. The car was built in collaboration with Chad Wentzel (owner of the tuning company Sportech).

The car, of course, was fully rebuilt and refurbished as it should be. Of course, this is one of the brightest representatives of muscle cars, but the base was not at all good by modern standards! But let’s start with the cockpit, which has full power accessories and air conditioning! Everything here is “blown up” by a wonderful combination of expensive leather and Alcantara.

Further, new Recaro sports seats with red stitching and Shelby badge and racing straps match the exterior perfectly, as well as a new rear seat, door panels and custom-made centre console with new auxiliary displays. The dashboard is also new and instrumented. And in the depths of the advanced “multimedia” and audio system.

By the way, the “classic” is controlled by a cool three-spoke steering wheel with a wooden rim and the Shelby logo. And also a safety arc is built into the interior. And not without reason. After all, the incredible 810 hp that is transferred to the rear wheels provides unrealistic dynamics and top speed. And on top of that, an insane 1.012 Nm maximum torque. Such data is guaranteed by the enlarged 6.7-litre V8 engine (408 cubic centimetres), which was built by Performance Unlimited and is individually tuned.

The Melbourne, Florida-based tuner built the classic “shell” from scratch, and they are also responsible for installing the powerful Procharger compressor system. The engine is equipped with ultra-modern direct injection (!), As well as a double phase shifter system, then received a modified oil pan, a “dry” lubrication system. Further cooling of the MRP Motorsport engine, two ignition units (MSD & Mallory), a special fuel pump, a fuel pressure regulator from Aeromotive, a non-standard intake with zero filters and a special engine control unit with a chip.

All of this is rounded off with Mahle forged pistons, camshafts, and a custom exhaust system. The latter with the help of a compressor guarantee a brutal soundtrack! There are at least two known monsters with such a “charge”. One has a five-speed manual transmission with a Tremec high-performance clutch. And the other comes with a lightweight “six-step”, which helps to better realize such power.

And anyway, a new chassis and braking system is needed to fully realize the amazing performance. So, the Ford Mustang brakes use a new and all-disc braking system with huge discs from Wilwood with a master cylinder from the same brand, and an electronic brake booster, with powerful 6-piston callipers and steel flexible lines.

There were also custom bracing struts, stretch bars, wishbones and knuckles, and a 9-inch differential. And when it came to the chassis itself, the manufacturer Heidts helped. Fully adjustable sport spring suspension kit, with new shock absorbers and stabilizers and other components, all new too.

Optically? There are many changes to be surprised, and yet the Mustang’s distinctive classic shape has been fully preserved. It is completely painted black and the chrome details are nowhere to be seen. Instead, there was a wide, matte-black stripe flanked by two thin red lines in the centre of the car from front to rear. Red can also be found on the pinstriped 18-inch custom wheels specially made for these Mustangs. Ominous paintwork in black with red accents!

They are also finished in matt black and feature Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 255/40 ZR18 format at the front and 285/35 ZR18 at the rear. There are also components from the present, such as “bi-xenon” headlights and LED technologies, which simply surprisingly harmoniously look on the “classic”, and again, do not spoil it at all, but vice versa. As well as the new taillights with a different – modern “filling”, perfectly underline the successful style. Conclusion: a dream from the “country of not muscle cars”!



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