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Tragedy In Gaza: Father Loses 11 Family Members In Single Explosion




(CTN NEWS) –  Gaza: Khalil Khader’s emotional journey through the rubble is a poignant testament to the profound tragedy that has visited his family.

In the midst of the grim and grey debris, a vivid piece of fabric catches his eye.

He bends down to pick up a dusty and tattered child’s pyjama, and in that moment, a flood of memories washes over him.

The sight of his toddler daughter, Rosa, clad in her bright blue nightwear, emerges vividly in his mind.

Rosa was merely 18 months old, the youngest member of their family and a symbol of hope and joy.

Khalil takes out his phone and shares a video, one that paints a picture of happier times.

In it, Rosa can be seen wearing the same blue nightwear, holding the hands of her two older cousins, and the three of them engage in a joyous dance in a circle.

The video, filmed in slow motion, imparts a sense of serenity, as if a gentle breeze sways the children, and their smiles illuminate the frame.

It’s a time when play and innocence reigned, untainted by the horrors of war.

Khalil, a 36-year-old computer engineer employed at Al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah, is the father of four young children.

In addition to Rosa, there’s nine-year-old Ibrahim, five-year-old Amal, and two-and-a-half-year-old Kinan.

Each one, a precious part of his life, his hopes, and his dreams.

As Khalil carefully navigates the ruins, it’s a mere few minutes’ walk from the hospital where he works.

Now, what was once a home stands reduced to a mound of shattered masonry and twisted metal.

Among the debris, remnants of their household objects and children’s toys are scattered.

A small drum and a toy piano, once a source of amusement and laughter, now lay as silent witnesses to the anguish that has befallen them.

Khalil’s footsteps in the rubble echo a poignant reminder of the lives disrupted, dreams shattered, and the indomitable human spirit that continues to endure even in the face of such devastating loss.

On that tragic night, October 20, Khalil Khader was diligently fulfilling his duties at the hospital where he worked.

It was a night like any other, but within moments, his world would be shattered by an unimaginable event.

As he recounted the experience later, he described how the night was pierced by a deafening explosion.

The blast was so massive that it sent shockwaves throughout the area, immediately alerting him that something horrific had occurred.

But at that point, he was unaware of the extent of the tragedy that had unfolded.

Khalil’s neighbors, shaken and terrified by the thunderous explosion, soon began arriving at the hospital.

They bore terrible news: the bombing had taken place in the vicinity of his own house.

The ominous dread that gripped him was inescapable, and he felt a desperate need to confirm the safety of his family.

He made frantic phone calls, but there was no response, just agonizing silence.

His instinct was to rush to the location of the strike to check on his loved ones.

As he arrived at the site, the sight that met him was nothing short of heart-wrenching.

The very place that had once been his family’s haven had been obliterated.

Their home, a sanctuary of memories and laughter, lay in ruins.

But it was the grim reality that unfolded amid the wreckage that left him in profound anguish.

Tragedy had struck with an unimaginable ferocity.

Eleven members of his family had lost their lives in an instant.

The casualties were devastatingly close to home, including his four beloved children, two sisters, his elderly father, his brother, his sister-in-law, and their two young daughters.

They now lay in the courtyard of the hospital, each one carefully enshrouded in white, a somber tableau of unspeakable loss.

Amidst the ruins, Khalil’s wife miraculously clung to life.

Though grievously wounded, she had survived the catastrophic event, and now, she’s receiving medical treatment for the burns and other injuries she sustained when their house collapsed.

Khalil’s journey through this heart-wrenching tragedy is marked by resilience and unwavering support for his injured wife.

In the face of incomprehensible adversity, he stands as a symbol of enduring love and strength.

The weight of his grief is immeasurable, yet he persists, a testament to the indomitable human spirit that, even in the darkest of hours, strives to find hope and healing.

Khalil Khader had not been a stranger to the ravages of war in Gaza.

This narrow strip of land, measuring just 141 square miles (365 square kilometers) in total, had borne the heavy burden of ceaseless conflict over the course of decades.

It was a place where the echoes of past battles remained, a legacy of strife and turmoil that had deeply etched its mark on Khalil.

Recalling the horrors he had witnessed in previous conflicts, he spoke of his wife’s pregnancy during the 2014 war.

His neighbors’ homes were bombed, and the shockwaves of the blasts shook their own lives.

His wife, in her seventh month of pregnancy, nearly tumbled down the stairs due to the force of the explosion.

In the midst of such devastation, he grappled with the question of how he could bring children into a world marred by such violence and suffering.

But despite the bleak backdrop of the past, he held onto a glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

He harbored dreams for each of his children, dreams that were woven with love, aspirations, and the belief that a better life might be possible for them.

He envisioned a path for his eldest, Ibrahim, who excelled in school, seeing him someday become a doctor.

For his daughter, Amal, whose creativity and love for drawing shone brightly, he shared in her artistic pursuits, creating and bonding together.

His son, Kinan, brought joy and laughter to everyone’s lives, and he had a special place in his heart for his baby sister, Rosa.

He was her protector, her guardian, and he would often declare, “Don’t touch her, she’s my baby!” Now, they were all gone, their promising futures extinguished in an instant.

Khalil is still on a heart-wrenching quest, searching for the body of his sister buried beneath the rubble, grappling with the anguish of not knowing her fate.

Additionally, he faces the formidable task of supporting his wife as she receives treatment in the hospital.

His children, whom he loved with all his heart, are no longer with him, leaving a void that can never be filled.

Yet, as he shares one photograph after another, each capturing the essence of Ibrahim, Amal, Kinan, and Rosa, there is a profound tenderness in his eyes.

He is and will forever be their father, a guardian of their memory, and a symbol of enduring love in the face of unimaginable loss.


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