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Hope Hicks Testified In Donald Trump’s Trial For Criminal Hustle Money



Hope Hicks
Hope Hicks at the Capitol in Washington DC on 27 February 2018. Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP

(CTN News) – As Hope Hicks, Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign press secretary, took the witness stand in the ex-president’s New York criminal hush-money trial, she described his staffers’ panic when a recording emerged in which he bragged about groping women, saying “it was an emergency” for his presidential bid.

According to Hope Hicks, “we all followed Trump’s lead” when it came to his campaign’s media strategy. This testimony marks a turning point for prosecutors, as she is the first Trump staffer to testify about Trump’s alleged misconduct.

Prosecutors accuse him of using payoffs to bury stories that could harm his campaign. Despite her name being mentioned at a number of points during the trial, Hope Hicks’ placement of Trump at the center of this alleged media strategy is a noteworthy development.

Who was in charge of the overall branding strategy? Matt Colangelo, prosecutor, asked.

According to Hicks, Mr Trump is responsible. For the agenda that he put forth, he deserves credit for the messages that the campaign focused on.”

In the aftermath of the January 6 insurrection, Hicks, who previously had a close relationship with Trump, seemed uncomfortable. In the ex-president’s hush-money trial on Friday, Hope Hicks stared at her as she passed him as he walked to the witness stand. When Hicks introduced herself to jurors, she had a quavering voice as she crossed into the well with small steps.

Her last name is Hope Hicks, and her name is Hope Charlotte Hicks. Her voice was unclearly picked up by the mic, so she said: “I’m really nervous.”

During her time as Trump’s communications director, Hope Hicks served as a frequent interview subject for Robert Mueller.

Jurors were shown a transcript of the Access Hollywood tape, in which Trump boasted that fame enables him to “grab women by the pussy”.

Hicks said she was “very concerned” about the contents of the email, and her lack of time to respond to it after receiving an email about the tape from a Washington Post reporter.

As a response to the email, she forwarded it to other campaign members with the subject line “URGENT WashPost query.”. She considered the email damaging to the campaign. It was considered a crisis among us.

Pecker, who prosecutors claim colluded with Trump and Cohen to bury stories that could harm his campaign, said Hope Hicks was present at the trio’s summer 2015 meeting at Trump Tower.

Additionally, Pecker testified that Hicks was present on a call in which Trump raged about one of his alleged paramours giving TV interviews.

Previously, jurors were shown text messages between Hope Hicks and Cohen in which she repeatedly told him to pray that a claim that adult star Stormy Daniels had a fling with Trump would not surface.

Cohen is alleged to have bought Daniels’s silence about a alleged sexual liaison with Trump for $130,000, according to Manhattan prosecutors. His alleged involvement in the National Enquirer’s payoff to Playboy model Karen McDougal also points to a sexual relationship between the two.

In their view, Cohen did this in order to prevent damaging information from sabotaging Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump is accused of falsifying business records by listing Cohen’s repayments as legal expenses on his company’s paperwork. The prosecution claimed that Trump, Cohen, and Pecker planned their catch-and-kill scheme during that summer 2015 meeting.


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