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American YouTuber Leo Rex, 35 Found Dead in Pattaya, Thailand



Leo Rex, 35 Found Dead in Pattaya, Thailand

An American YouTuber who identified himself as the “foremost specialist in penis enlargement” has been found dead in unexplained circumstances, in Pattaya, Thailand.

Pattaya police stated American National Mr. Laith Abdallah Algaz, also known as Leo Rex, was found in his Pattaya flat on Monday.

According to authorities, the health vlogger, whose YouTube channel was called Leo and Longevity, was discovered naked, laying face down with blood seeping from his lips and nose and a bruising on his left eye. He was pronounced dead at the spot.

Officers reported that Mr. Laith’s clothes had been strewn around and that the bathroom’s shelves and toilet had been smashed. police officers also found a variety of medications, including anxiety pills, sleeping pills, steroids, cannabis, and antidepressants.


pattaya leo rex

A fellow American Charles Hughes told police that after the YouTuber failed to return his calls, he paid a visit to the house. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see Mr. Laith already dead, and he frantically called 911.

Charles said Laith would frequently stay at home and use his computer while smoking weed.

Leo and Longevity, the influencer’s YouTube channel, had 123,000 subscribers. He frequently posted about workout and nutritional supplements. His most popular videos concerned penis growth.

In the video, he describes how he employed a pumping system and weights to increase the length of his genitals.

Aside from strange sexual advice, Laith’s content contained videos on steroids, bodybuilding, and false health information.

pattaya leo rex

Police in Pattaya said they were analyzing CCTV and interviewing probable suspects. They would question the victim’s friends and a woman who stayed with him before he died.

Police Capt Sombat, ask the public not to draw any judgments until a thorough investigation has been completed and the tfoul play has not been ruled out of their probe. ‘The room appeared to have been disturbed, so it’s probable that somebody else was with him before he died, or the deceased was distressed in some manner,’ he said.

The body of Laith was transported to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for a postmortem examination.

The US Embassy in Bangkok was also notified of his death so that his family might be contacted.


Floating restaurant flooded, sinks off Pattaya

In other Pattaya news, on Monday evening, strong seas inundated and partially drowned a floating pirate-themed café and restaurant off the coast of Pattaya. Nobody was injured. The Krakenian, a double-decked raft, offers restaurants, live music, a karaoke lounge, and squid fishing.

Around 4 p.m. on Monday, it began to list to one side as it was pummelled by waves pushed by heavy winds. It was partially submerged and flooded.

An unsubstantiated report stated that a water pump was not working properly. Rescuers raced to the raft’s rescue. Every employee was safe. There were no passengers on board.

The pirate-themed eatery is still relatively new. Customers are transported there by speedboat.

Pichet Thanomchart, 41, a company executive, claimed the restaurant had been closed for a few days due to bad weather and heavy seas.

He claimed that water had entered the vessel’s port side, causing it to list considerably. The raft as a whole did not sink. Mr Pichet said it was fortunate that the restaurant was not operating at the time. Nobody anticipated this to happen.

Wasant Meesat, the chief of Pattaya City’s marine disaster prevention, stated on Tuesday that some infrastructure remained above water. The hull was lying on the sandy sea floor, nose down. The water was shallow.

Mr. Wasant estimated that bringing it back to the surface would take around an hour once the process began.

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