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100 Years Old Buddha Statue Unearthed from Mango Tree at Chon Buri Temple



100 Years Old Buddha Statue Unearthed from Mango Tree at Chon Buri Temple

(CTN News) – In an astonishing revelation, a Buddha statue believed to be over a century old was found concealed within a mango tree at the renowned Wat Nong Sang Prachabamrung temple in Chon Buri, Thailand.

This serendipitous discovery occurred during the temple’s preparations for the upcoming Kathina ceremony scheduled for November 5. The abbot had ordered the cutting down of a mango tree within the temple grounds, which led to the remarkable revelation.

1. The Surprise Discovery

As the workmen set out to fell the approximately 80 centimeters wide and 10 meters tall mango tree, little did they know that this routine task would unveil an extraordinary secret.

The mango tree came crashing down, and as it was being sawed into pieces, the laborers stumbled upon a hidden treasure – a green Buddha statue nestled deep within the trunk. The statue bore a serene, smiling countenance and was promptly extracted from its long-standing wooden sanctuary.

2. Unearthing the Buddha Statue

On October 25, reporters visited Wat Nong Sang Prachabamrung, where the temple’s serene surroundings included a variety of trees. The location where the mango tree once stood was pointed out, with only the tree stump and the cut remnants remaining.

According to a temple monk, Kitisak Thalo, the abbot had enlisted the services of an external tree surgeon to cut the tree for its wood. Little did they anticipate the astonishing discovery that lay hidden within.

When the mango tree was finally felled and the trunk was split open, the Buddha statue made of jadeite was revealed. Its cheerful smile contrasted with the damage caused to its body by the saw, indicative of the unique circumstances of its concealment.

3. A Mysterious History

While the age of the Buddha statue is estimated to be over a century due to its ancient appearance, the origins of the statue and how it became encased within the mango tree remain a baffling mystery.

Even the third-generation abbot overseeing the temple is unaware of the statue’s history, adding an air of intrigue to this remarkable discovery.

4. The Fate of the Buddha Statue

The statue is stored within the abbot’s room, and its future remains uncertain. It is yet to be determined whether efforts will be made to restore the statue for public veneration. The abbot has taken the monks to other temples to study Dharma, further emphasizing the enigmatic nature of this century-old Buddha statue.

In a temple that has witnessed countless ceremonies and the passage of time, this unexpected discovery adds a layer of mystique to its history. As the temple authorities contemplate the fate of this ancient Buddha statue, it continues to captivate the imagination of all who encounter its story.

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