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Unprecedented Pink-Colored Gecko Spotted in Central Thailand



Unprecedented Pink-Colored Gecko Spotted in Central Thailand

(CTN News) – In a surprising twist of nature, a distinctive pink-colored gecko was discovered under a sofa in a home located in Tha Chumphon, Photharam District, Ratchaburi, Thailand. This rare find has generated considerable excitement among the local community and lottery enthusiasts.

The homeowner, a 53-year-old woman named Suchitra, attempted to capture the elusive reptile but was thwarted by its remarkable speed. Intriguingly, she believes that this pink gecko may bring good luck and could be an auspicious sign for the upcoming lottery draw.

The peculiar pink gecko was found in Suchitra’s residence at 68/20 Moo 6, Tha Chumphon, Photharam District, Ratchaburi. In a region where geckos commonly have cream or brown coloration, this particular specimen displayed a striking pink hue covering its entire body, from its four legs to its tail.

Suchitra, like many others, was astounded by this unusual coloration, as she had never encountered such a creature before.

Recalling her first encounter with the pink gecko, Suchitra mentioned that she initially dismissed it as an ordinary gecko. It wasn’t until she saw the gecko again in the evening, darting out to catch insects, that she noticed its unique pink coloration.

Suchitra captured a video of this extraordinary gecko, a species she had never encountered in her life, despite having previously seen a two-tailed gecko in her home.

Interestingly, the two-tailed gecko at Suchitra’s house was darker, more akin to the usual geckos. Notably, the house number where this remarkable discovery took place is 272, which aligns with the number seven she associated with the gecko and the two tails.

Suchitra now harbors the belief that the upcoming lottery draw on November 1 might hold something special due to this uncanny coincidence.

Intrigued by her discovery, Suchitra shared her experience on Facebook, inquiring if anyone else had ever encountered a pink gecko.

The post received various responses, with some suggesting that the gecko might have been dyed. Suchitra, however, dismissed this notion, emphasizing the gecko’s incredible speed, which made it impossible to catch.

The news of this extraordinary pink gecko swiftly spread among Suchitra’s neighbors, sparking a wave of curiosity and belief in its potential for good luck and auspiciousness.

As a result, many locals have asked for Suchitra’s house number, intending to try their luck in the upcoming lottery draw on November 1. This rare discovery has indeed captivated the community’s imagination, leaving them eager to see what fortune the pink gecko might bring.

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