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U.S. President Joe Biden Offers Support To Israel After Hamas Attack



(CTN NEWS) – In the wake of a deadly attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on Israel, President Joe Biden swiftly offered his support to the nation, pledging “all appropriate means of support” and sending a clear message to any party hostile to Israel not to exploit the situation for their advantage.

This article delves into the recent developments, the U.S. response, and the potential impact on broader diplomatic efforts in the Middle East.

Biden’s Support for Israel

President Biden wasted no time in reaching out to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to offer U.S. support after the attack. Their strained relations aside, Biden made it clear that Israel has the unequivocal right to defend itself and its people.

He issued a stark warning, cautioning any parties hostile to Israel against exploiting the situation.

The United States and Israel are now in close coordination, evaluating Israel’s military needs following the attack. While there is no concrete evidence of Iran’s involvement in the Hamas attack at this time, the U.S. has vowed to investigate the matter.

The U.S. also expressed its commitment to containing the crisis to Gaza and preventing its spread to other regions.

Diplomatic Efforts in the Middle East

The timing of the Hamas attack is crucial, as it occurred amid ongoing efforts by the Biden administration to negotiate a groundbreaking normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, along with a potential U.S.-Saudi defense pact.

These diplomatic initiatives have the potential to reshape regional dynamics.

Despite concerns about a possible Israeli intelligence failure leading up to the attack, U.S. officials emphasized that they had no specific warnings or indications that Hamas was planning such an assault.

The U.S. is now maintaining open communication channels with key regional players, including Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and European allies, to address the escalating crisis.

Political Ramifications

The violence erupted at a time when the United States was grappling with its own political challenges.

Republicans were in the midst of seeking a replacement for ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy in the House of Representatives, and a budget showdown with President Biden’s Democratic administration was looming, potentially resulting in a government shutdown.

Critics from the Republican Party wasted no time in scrutinizing Biden’s handling of the situation

. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential nominee hopeful, pointed to Iran’s alleged involvement in funding the conflict. He implied that the Biden administration’s policies regarding Iran had indirectly contributed to the situation.

DeSantis seemed to be referring to a prisoner swap deal completed between the U.S. and Iran in September, which involved the transfer of $6 billion in Iranian funds.

However, the Biden administration clarified that none of this money had been spent and was intended solely for humanitarian purposes.


As tensions escalate following the Hamas attack on Israel, President Biden’s unwavering support for Israel remains a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy in the region.

The incident has complicated ongoing diplomatic efforts, particularly in the context of potential normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The United States is committed to preventing further escalation and containing the crisis, while also addressing domestic political challenges and criticism regarding its Iran policies. The world watches closely as events unfold in the volatile Middle East.


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