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Travis Scott Concert Turns into Life-and-Death Struggle



Travis Scott Concert Turns into Life-and-Death Struggle

Authorities in Houston Texas report eight people were killed and hundreds more injured at the Astroworld Festival featuring Travis Scott. Houston police investigators are trying to determine how a surging crowd turned deadly.

Frenzy and franticness spread through the horde of 50,000 for the most part youngsters who came to see the well-known rapper Travis Scott, who made a big appearance Friday night.

A wave, of relentless unstoppable movement of pushing bodies, broke out that couldn’t be stopped. Some concert-goers collapsed while others battled for air.

The New York Times reported some concert-goers lifted up the unconscious people and surfed them over the top of the crowd, hoping to surf them to safety. Other people screamed out into the pushing crowd for help with CPR, pleading for the concert pushing to stop.

Video of Travis Scott even shared on Social Media

In the end, eight people were killed, ranging in age from 14 to 27, according to the Houston police. Hundreds of more concert-goers were treated for injuries at a field hospital set up at the concert venue.  Among those treated was a 10-year-old child.

Videos from the Travis Scott event were shared on social media showing a chaotic scene. The videos included hundreds of concert-goers toppling steel barricades and also storming security to access the concert.

Later, as the tragedy transpired, medical personnel were filmed carrying young people out on stretchers. Others were attempting CPR on the injured. One clip showed Travis Scott still on stage performing as concert-goers attempted to tell security of the emergency.

Officials in Houston Texas said the concert was organized by Live Nation and Travis Scott. The concert transformed into a struggle for life.

The event catastrophe is also one of the deadliest crowd-control disasters at a concert in the United States. A similar situation also occurred at 1979 Who concert in Cincinnati where 11 people died as concert-goers rushed the entrance.


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