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League Of Legends Patch 13.02 Introduces a Mini-Rework For Annie And Massive Changes For Tibbers



League Of Legends Patch 13.02 Introduces a Mini-Rework For Annie And Massive Changes For Tibbers

(CTN News) – In Patch 13.02, the League of Legends developers have announced that Annie and Tibbers will be receiving some major changes that will affect them in a number of different ways. PBE (Public Beta Environment) is currently available for testing the changes.

The Annie unit is definitely one of the most beginner-friendly units in the game. When players are stuck in bronze or silver, she is one of those characters that can be used very effectively to rank up.

She has unfortunately fallen out of the meta quite substantially in the past few months and has completely disappeared from even low-elo games. In addition to improving Annie’s presence in the metagame, these changes will also make her more viable in ranked games.

A complete description of the Annie rework scheduled for patch 13.2 of League of Legends is provided below.

We would like to point out the list of changes that Annie will receive in League of Legends patch 13.2. Below is a description of the changes that Annie will receive.

The Annie mini-rework has been included in patch 13.2

Statistics Bases

  • Scaling Mana Regen: 0.8 to 1.0

There is pyromania (P).

  • Game start and respawn stuns are now primed

Shield of molten metal (E)

  • Potency of shield: 40-220 (+35% AP) > 40-220 (+55% AP)

  • Damage can be reflected once per target, per shield

  • Damage Reflection: 20-60 (+20% AP) vs 25-65 (+40% AP)

  • When an ability hits or an attack is made, the trigger is triggered

Tibbers (R) is summoned

  • There is no difference between Tibbers HP at 1300-3100 (+0% AP) and 1300-3100 (+75% AP).

  • A Tibber can resist between 30-90 (+0% AP) and 30-90 (+5% AP)

  • In terms of tips, 370 is ahead of 350, 375, and 400 (according to rank)

The changes are undeniably significant. One of the most significant changes in League of Legends is the increased AP scaling for Annie. Upon combining this kit with the newly added items available in the game, her damage will scale exponentially.

As a matter of fact, Annie may be quite viable in high-eLO games as well. In addition to this, Annie could also be used for a variety of purposes in League of Legends beyond the midlane.

Tibbers is now a tankier character, increasing Annie’s potency in team fights. She can even be used as an enchanter. Consequently, she will be more viable in extended fights, which are common in the current meta.

On paper, the changes to Annie appear to be very positive. In spite of this, it is impossible to predict how comfortable she will feel once she is widely available in the hands of players.

You can try her out on the PBE, otherwise, patch 13.2 will not be available on live servers until January 25, 2023.


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