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VIDEO: Wild Elephant Wrecks Car at Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park



A wild elephant has wrecked a car after he straddled the car full of tourists in Khao Yai National Park. The 35 year old bull elephant called Pi Duer, (stubborn brother) , emerged on a road inside the National Park Tuesday afternoon.

The video images taken by a passenger of another car show the bull elephant first appeared curious standing beside the black sedan car which was stopped on the road.  Then it started to lean on the left side of the car before straddling the car’s trunk.

Only that moment did the driver slowly moved the car forward away from the Bull elephant.

In the video, a woman witnessing the incident is clearly heard shouting “I almost have a heart attack.”

Park rangers say the bull elephant (Pi Duer) always comes out on the road during the wet and cold seasons.  They have posted instructions for drivers what to do when encountering such an incident.

For instance, the drivers should stop their vehicles at least 30 meters away from any elephant and they should not take photos.


Bull Elephant “Pi Duer” Straddles Car

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