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[VIDEO] Drone Explodes Over Kremlin, Russia Quickly Blames Ukraine



According to the Russian state news agency RIA, the Kremlin was assaulted by a drone overnight in an effort to assassinate President Vladimir Putin. According to RIA, people in Moscow reported hearing two explosions behind the Kremlin walls shortly after 2 a.m. local time.

Residents on a local Telegram channel captured the occurrence, with smoke filling the sky over the Kremlin. Videos purported to show a section of the Kremlin on fire. Authorities now claim it was a bold attempt by Ukraine employing two drones, both of which were destroyed.

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, said Putin was not at the presidential house at the time.

The Kremlin, which described the incident as a “planned terrorist attack” and “assassination attempt on the president of Russia,” is now threatening “retaliatory measures.”

A spokesman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denied that his country was behind any attack on the Kremlin, accusing Moscow of “escalating the situation ahead of May 9,” when Russia habitually flaunts its military power to commemorate Victory Day.

“Alone, the terrorist state’s terminology is startling. “A terrorist attack is the destruction of houses in Dnipro and Uman, or a rocket attack on a railway station in Kramatorsk, among other tragedies,” Zelensky’s spokesman Serhii Nykyforov said.

Drones exploded 10 minutes apart

The Kremlin’s official version of events left many issues unanswered. According to witnesses, the two distinct explosions happened more than 10 minutes apart, implying that federal security troops defending the Kremlin either did not respond to the first blast or are unusually incompetent at their tasks.

According to a Moscow resident interviewed by the independent news outlet Verstka, the first blast occurred about 2:30 a.m. The second occurred several minutes later, at 2:42 a.m., according to him. Footage of the first and second explosions was also shared on local Telegram channels several minutes apart.

Verstka pointed out that one of the more dramatic recordings of the “attack” was reportedly shot from a presidential administrative building on Red Square.

As the work day began Wednesday, an unnamed worker inside the Kremlin told Verstka that there was no sense of panic or increased security.

“Nothing unusual has occurred. “The Alexander Garden was not closed; cars were parked in the lot as usual,” the worker explained.

It was also unclear how two Ukrainian drones could have gotten past Russia’s air defenses and into the city.

Russian propaganda ignites

The purported assassination attempt comes after Russia’s pro-war hawks have spent months pushing that the military launch more violent operations against Ukraine, saying that military commanders have been resisted. On Wednesday, many Russian MPs used the news of the Kremlin incident to renew their demand.

“Terrorists have established themselves in Kyiv, and as you know, negotiations with them are futile.” They merely need to be annihilated fast and viciously.

“It’s time to launch a missile attack on Zelensky’s Kyiv residence,” United Russia MP Mikhail Sheremet told Russian state television. “I’m ready to give you the coordinates: 11 Bankova Street, where the so-called presidential administration of Ukraine is located.”

Kremlin propagandists erupted as well, with RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan stating on Telegram that the supposed incident is just the reason Moscow needed to go scorched earth on Ukraine: “Perhaps it’ll start for real now?”

The incident occurs just days before Russia’s annual Victory Day parade on Red Square, which officials fear could be disrupted by drone assaults. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin banned drone flights in the city without a special government authorization on Wednesday.

According to independent Russian media, utility employees have been asked to comb the streets of Moscow in search of any bombs or drones before of the event.

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