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Authorities in Cambodia Fear Briton Amelia Bambridge Has Drowned

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The police chief for the Cambodian province where British tourist Amelia Bambridge disappeared last week says he fears she has drowned. However land and sea searches for her will continue until she is found.

Pol Maj Gen Chuon Narin said on Wednesday that a search on Koh Rong island, failed to find any clues about her disappearance.

21-year-old Amelia Bambridge was last seen late on the night of Oct 23, and in the Gulf of Thailand

About 150 volunteers including divers, navy personnel and visitors as well as Cambodian police are involved in the search. It is understood that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has had members of staff on the island for a number of days.

Six men who work at restaurants, hotels and guest houses on the island were questioned and released without charge on Tuesday evening. Officials said the men were taken into custody because of complaints by western tourists that they had behaved badly towards female visitors.

British Foreign Office Criticized

On Wednesday, Bambridge’s family criticized the FCO for what they said was a lack of support in a petition. The change.org petition was started by Bambridge’s close friend, Temisis Conway, and has been promoted by members of the missing backpacker’s family, including her sister Sharon Schultes.

The petition said the FCO was not helping in the search for Bambridge. It said: “We have had no support from our own UK parliament. We currently have been without a good translator for days now.”

“This is proving difficult to transfer information to the family and we fear this could hinder rescue efforts.”

“It is the duty of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to stand up for British people in need. Wherever people are in the world, and as of yet haven’t done anything.”

An FCO spokesperson said: “Amelia’s family have our deepest sympathies at this very difficult time. Our staff have been providing in-person assistance to them on Koh Rong island. They are also maintaining close contact with the Cambodian authorities searching for Amelia.”

Amelia Bambridge set off on her trip on 27 September, when she flew to Vietnam, her family said. Her father, Phil Bambridge, who has travelled to the island, said on Tuesday that he believes she has been “abducted”.

He added that, having viewed CCTV, he believed she had been lost inland.

A fundraiser launched by Schultes to assist in the costs of the search has raised more than £16,000 since Friday. She said on the page: “No retreat, no surrender, we are gonna find her.”

Five relatives are also on the island and drones and thermal imaging cameras are assisting with the search.

Source: AP, Guardian

Police Search for Amelia Bambridge

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