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Mother Bound to Wheelchair and Two Sons Die in Houston House Fire

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Mother Bound to Wheelchair and Two Sons Die in Houston House Fire

Houston House Fire –  A mother and her two sons died in a house fire that reached the third story of a Houston apartment building, officials say.

The tragic scene took place at 12730 Whittington Dr. in Houston, in the early morning while the woman´s husband was at work. Officials received a call describing the fire at the building and quickly rushed to the scene.

Once there, it was classified as a 2-alarm fire, which required backup firefighters to help pump and provide extra ladders.

While three victims lost their lives, many residents were left to deal with fire damage to homes and belongings.

The three people who perished in the fire were a mother, bound to a wheelchair, and her two teenage sons who were both under 15 years old.

All three were pronounced dead at the scene while their father, who was at work at the time, was given the sad news.

There is currently no known cause for the fire, but arson investigators are looking for where it could have possibly originated.

The Houston House Fire Department reported that the house fire caused around $880,000 in damages.

For residents to file fire insurance claims, however, there will need to be a cause for the fire listed.

Many insurance companies send adjusters to make certain that the policy holder was not responsible for the fire due to malice or negligence.

Ultimately though, a fire usually means everything is lost if not contained in time, which is a very good reason to get a good fire insurance policy.

Residents Lose Everything

The fire forced residents to evacuate the building as quickly as they could and left no time to consider what they should take with them.

This is one of the reasons many opt for fire insurance which could help replace the damaged property.

Fire spreads quickly, especially if there are flammable materials such as carpet and fabric furniture.

This means top priority for residents is to find the fastest evacuation route, at the cost of leaving everything behind.

One resident said she lost everything except the clothes on her back.

“My clothes, it was TVs, his clothes, his shoes, my ID, my social, birth certificate, everything is gone, like everything,” she said in an interview with KPRC 2s Brittany Jeffers.

“My bed, everything. I have nothing, just my phone. Just the clothes on my back. I don’t even have shoes on.”

The statement outlines what many people face after experiencing a catastrophic fire event, including losing important documents and necessities such as clothing.

In this case, fire insurance claims could help replace the most costly possessions lost, as well as help pay for fire damage to homes.

A neighbor described alerting his girlfriend when he stepped outside and saw the fire at the West Houston apartment complex.

Most nearby residents, however, were asleep as the fire happened very early in the morning.

The Houston Fire Department received the call at 4:05 am, after which firefighters arrived and were met with 30-foot flames.

The fire reached the third story of the building, according to Deputy Chief Robert Garcia, and said firefighters struggled to contain it.

“This was a very big fire. It went to 2 alarms. There were probably 65 to 70 people, between firefighters and paramedics on the scene, he said.

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