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Post-ChatGPT Freelance Writers’ Earnings Dropped 5.2% Due To AI



Post-ChatGPT Freelance Writers' Earnings Dropped 5.2% Due To AI

(CTN News) – In the freelance writing world, ChatGPT, an OpenAI project, has certainly shaken things up.

Think of a bustling online marketplace where freelance writers compete for gigs. Once ChatGPT enters, a noticeable shift occurs. A study of 92,547 freelancers on UpWork paints a detailed picture: a 2% drop in available writing jobs and a 5.2% drop in monthly earnings.

What makes writers tick? The writing community seemed particularly intrigued by ChatGPT. Post-launch, Google searches for “GPT Writing” surged. This new AI kid on the block suddenly has everyone curious about how it writes.

New York University and Washington University have conducted some eye-opening research. According to them, ChatGPT isn’t a mere blip. Some freelancers are having difficulty finding work as a result. Imagine landing 1.2% fewer gigs each month and taking on almost 5% fewer projects. For these freelancers, that’s the reality.

But there’s a twist. Newbies and average Joes aren’t the only ones who feel the pinch. Due to its sophistication, the AI is stepping on the toes of the big guns, the best writers. Imagine having a new, super-efficient colleague who can do what you do faster, potentially displacing you.

Think of a blog that used to have in-depth, nuanced articles written by human experts. Now, it might just use AI to generate similar content. Those who have built careers in these niches will find this a game-changer.

We are also encouraged to think bigger by the study. This isn’t just about today; it’s about the future of work. Certainly, we’re seeing a decline in demand for knowledge workers, possibly leading to more uniform salaries. What about in the future? It’s still a big question mark.

It’s not just academic musings. The recent Hollywood strikes have brought this issue to the forefront. WGAI is already putting in place safeguards to ensure writers don’t have to submit to AI. Additionally, they are careful about how AI uses their creativity. AFL-CIO-Screen Actors Guild are both weighing in on this AI wave, trying to figure out where they stand on it.

What’s the takeaway? ChatGPT is more than a technological marvel; it’s a game-changer for freelance writers, especially the best of the best.

As we move forward, we must keep an eye out for how AI reshapes the job landscape, particularly in the creative industries. Adaptability and foresight could be key survival tools in this story as it evolves.


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