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Google Meet Adds Support To 1080p Calls To Upgrade Your Lighting



Google Meet

(CTN NEWS) – In February, Google added 360-degree video backdrops to Google Meet for mobile, enabling you to fool your coworkers into thinking you’re working outside or on the beach while you’re actually still in bed and wearing no trousers.

Another video upgrade is being added to the service today, which will help with call resolution.

Google Meet Adds Support To 1080p Calls

Select Google Workplace users can change the video resolution of their calls from 720p to 1080p starting today.

This change won’t be available on standard, personal Google accounts, even though it applies to Google One subscribers with 2TB or more of storage space.

Instead, it is primarily targeted at Business and Enterprise users.

You will, of course, need to be using a device with a 1080p camera for the Google Meet feature to function.


Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Education Fundamentals  Can’t Be Used At 1080p

When eligible users enter a meeting, an on-screen notice will provide them the choice to turn it on even though it is off by default.

Most of all, we’re disappointed in Google for making this information so scarcely accessible. Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Education Fundamentals, and many more accounts cannot be used at 1080p.

It’s important to note that both Microsoft Teams and Zoom support 1080p, but neither service does so by default, and the feature is only available in specific circumstances on both platforms.

While it’s unfortunate that some people are being left out, this is also very standard.

In addition to enabling 1080p video when you have more data, Google launched a new tool for those with limited broadband earlier this month.

Google last week made the option available for you to completely hide the video stream during a Google Meet call.

You can disable your coworkers’ video feeds and only listen to audio during meetings if you’re on the road or don’t want to see them. No one will be aware that you’ve chosen to disable their camera.

Today, the first qualified users will receive support for 1080p video; through May 4, more and more users will receive it.


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