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New NHTSA Rule Mandates Automatic Emergency Braking in U.S. Vehicles By 2029

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Automatic Emergency Braking

(CTN News) –  In a bid to enhance road safety and curb rising traffic fatalities, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced on Monday that nearly all new passenger cars and trucks sold in the United States will be required to have automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems installed by September 2029.

This move, mandated by Congress in the 2021 infrastructure law, aims to save at least 360 lives annually and prevent over 24,000 injuries.

The decision comes amidst a concerning trend of increased traffic deaths following the COVID-19 lockdowns, underscoring the urgency of implementing measures to mitigate road risks.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking systems leverage sensors such as cameras and radar to detect imminent collisions, automatically applying brakes if the driver fails to do so.

The new rule demands that these systems detect pedestrians both in daylight and at night, with some small-volume manufacturers granted until September 2030 to comply.

Previously, the NHTSA proposed a three-year compliance timeline after publication in 2023. However, automakers will now have five years to ensure their vehicles meet the stipulated standards.

Under the rule, all cars and trucks must possess the capability to halt and avoid striking vehicles ahead of them at speeds of up to 62 miles per hour.

High Traffic Fatalities

Additionally, the system must engage brakes automatically when a collision with a lead vehicle is imminent, operating effectively at speeds of up to 90 mph, and detect pedestrians, applying brakes at speeds of up to 45 mph when necessary.

Despite a 3.6% reduction in U.S. traffic deaths in 2023, marking the second consecutive yearly decline, fatalities remain alarmingly high compared to pre-pandemic levels.

The fatality rate in 2023 surpassed that of any pre-pandemic year since 2008, with pedestrian deaths reaching a troubling 7,522, the highest since 1981.

In a collaborative effort to prioritize safety, 20 automakers voluntarily committed in 2016 to equip nearly all U.S. vehicles with automatic emergency braking by 2022.

By December 2023, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirmed that all 20 automakers had met this target, equipping at least 95% of vehicles with AEB technology.

The NHTSA’s latest mandate represents a significant stride towards reducing road accidents and safeguarding lives, emphasizing the imperative of technological advancements in enhancing automotive safety standards.

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