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How to Compress Videos Online in 2023

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How to Compress Videos Online in 2023

Videos are some of the largest files you will have on your computer. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to compress videos available online.

This means no downloading software or having to worry about doing any of the compression processes yourself.

A great, free online video compressor is the one offered by Streamvi.

This article will cover how to use Streamvi’s video compressor and explain some of the benefits of Streamvi compared to other video compressors.

How to Use Streamvi Video Compressor

Streamvi makes it very easy to compress videos on their website. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Visit Video compressor page.

Step 2: Upload the video file you would like to compress to Streamvi. Streamvi can compress MP4, MKV, and MOV file types.

Step 3: Click “Advanced Options” to choose the video codec and the compression level (quality vs size) you would like.

Step 4: Download the compressed video from Streamvi when it has finished.

Note: Streamvi has a 100MB file size limit.

Streamvi has advanced settings that allow advanced users to choose their compression settings. The first setting that can be changed is the video codec. Streamvi offers H264 and H265 video codecs.

H265 is newer and considered better because it results in smaller file sizes at a higher quality than H264. However, H265 is not supported by every video hosting service, which is why H264 is offered as an alternative.

You should use H265 if possible.

Streamvi also offers three levels of compression – smallest video size, normal, and highest quality.

The best one for you depends on your needs. The general rule with video compression is to go with the highest quality possible.

The good news is that the smallest file size on Streamvi is still of an acceptable quality, but it’s best practice to use the highest quality (ergo biggest file size) that you can possibly use.

Positives of Streamvi

Streamvi has some major positives compared to other online video compressors, which makes it an excellent choice.

The three main benefits include:

  • 100% free to use.
  • No upload limits – you can upload as many videos as you want from the same IP address.
  • No watermark.

It’s rare to find a free online video compressor that has all those features. It’s even more uncommon to find a free video compressor that does not leave a watermark on your video.

The lack of watermarking alone makes Streamvi a very nice free option.

Closing Words

To summarize, the video compression offered by Streamvi is the best free video compression service you will find on the internet. It’s free, easy to use, does not watermark videos, and allows unlimited uploads.

It outputs high-quality videos even at the smallest file size, can output H264 or H265 video codecs, and is compatible with the most popular video formats.

You will not find a better video compression service in terms of quality and ease of use than the one offered by Streamvi.

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