Apple Has Just Released IOS 16 For Your IPhone: Download NOW!


Apple has Just Released iOS 16 For Your iPhone: Download NOW!



(CTN News) – On Monday, Apple released its iOS 16 software update for iPhones. Anyone with an iPhone 8 or later can install it. It has a lot of new features.

To keep the iPhone fresh, Apple releases big software updates every year. Unlike Google’s Android, it’s available for all supported devices at once.

The new update includes a whole new lock screen that can be customized with fonts and widgets, previously only available on the home screen.

What’s new in iOS 16? Here are some of the highlights.

What’s new in iOS 16

Artificial Intelligence automatically sorts, edits, and translates photos: Apple uses artificial intelligence to translate text into photos and videos.

You can also cut out a subject from a picture and place it as a sticker in images or other apps.

A later update to iOS 16 will also automatically share pictures with people it recognizes, such as friends or family members.

Apple Pay Later: With this feature, users can pay off purchases made with Apple Pay over a six-week period in four installments.

iOS 16 will also make it easier to share digital cards and home keys via messaging.

Updated Apple Home app: As part of Apple’s redesign of the Home app, you can now see multiple cameras around your house.

Furthermore, it supports Matter, an open standard for smart home hardware like locks, lights, and blinds.

Handoff with FaceTime: With this feature, you can transfer your FaceTime call from your iPhone to another device, such as your Mac or iPad.

The new device will also automatically switch over any Bluetooth headphones you have connected to your iPhone.

Mac and iPad updates are due later this fall, however.

Coming later: Live Activities: A smaller iOS 16 updates coming later this year will allow you to place widgets on your home screen.

Using this feature, you can check the score of a team you follow or find out exactly when your food order will arrive without unlocking your phone.

How to install iOS 16 on your iPhone

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap “General.”
  • Once you have selected “Software Update,” the update will download, and your iPhone will automatically restart.
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