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How to Edit an iMessage in Apple iOS 16



How to Edit an iMessage in Apple iOS 16

You can everlastingly express farewell to composing grammatical mistakes on your iPhone. In the wake of messaging, clients of iMessage can undoubtedly alter it with the most recent iOS 16 updates.

That is correct, you can now change the message you sent into the ether after you’ve sent it and promptly lamented how you phrased it. There’s a proviso, in any case, that implies you can’t alter except if the iPhone getting the message likewise has iOS 16. Messages made with more established programming can’t be altered, so you’ll need to live with any errors you made. Feel free to alter cautiously!

1. You can fix a message by squeezing and holding it.

You can long push on the message you mourn, whether it’s a slip-up or an emoji choice you regret. The menu should appear in a spring-up window.

apple ios 16

Not quite the message you wanted to send to a potential employer. Credit: Apple

2. To edit, tap “Edit.”

A message can be altered by tapping the alter choice on the screen with message responses and different choices. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you’re attempting to alter a message from last week, the alter choice doesn’t show up. In Apple’s rules, messages must be altered 15 minutes after they have been sent.

3. Change the text in the field as you wish.

apple ios 16

The professional message you always meant to send. Credit: Apple

Your screen ought to now show the ordinary text composing field with your past text filled in. Then press the blue mark of approval on the right side after you have made your alters.


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