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Using ChatGPT, This Couple Saved Thousands Of Dollars.

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This is how ChatGPT saved thousands of dollars for this couple. — AFP/File

(CTN News) – Earlier in the year, a couple in ChatGPT New York claimed to have used the services of an unusual event planner who charged no fees for their wedding, despite the fact that they had earlier been given an estimate for the ceremony of $5,000.

A native of Poughkeepsie town, the couple was worried that such a staggering amount would exceed the $34,000 budget they set for the wedding, which was to be held in July.

In order to handle everything for the wedding, Cortese told the New York Post that they relied on a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence. “For my wedding, I used ChatGPT to do everything,” he said.

Prior to ChatGPT to her engagement in September, the 32-year-old lady admitted that she had not used the free AI platform before she had gotten engaged.

In fact, she has become one of the many others who prefer machine services rather than human beings for such a big day and she is not alone in this.

In her words, “I’m saving so much money. I don’t need a wedding planner anymore because my AI is taking care of everything.”.

As per the latest statistics ChatGPT from the virtual wedding hub Zola, the majority of people tend to rely on automation when it comes to celebrating their big day.

Allison Cullman, Zola’s vice president of Brand Marketing and Strategy, said the convenience and efficiency of systems like ChatGPT relieve some of the mental burden that comes along with hosting a hitch, according to NYP.

There are many advantages to using it for couples as it can expedite more manual tasks. However, it can also help wedding vendors draft detailed schedules at the same time by helping them draft detailed schedules.”


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