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YouTube Music iOS Users Facing Glitch: Black Screen Bug And Playback Issues

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(CTN News) – YouTube Music, the popular music streaming platform, is facing a technical hiccup that’s causing frustration among iOS users.

According to a recent report by 9to5Google, a significant number of YouTube Music users on iOS have encountered a glitch where the app presents a black screen for certain Google Accounts, leaving them unable to play any music.

For those affected, the app opens to a barren interface, displaying only the essential app bar featuring YouTube Music’s logo, search function, and profile avatar, alongside the bottom bar.

Unfortunately, this issue emerged unexpectedly, preventing users from exploring or initiating playback.

Frustrations escalated as users attempted to troubleshoot the problem.

YouTube Music iOS Black Screen Bug

One Reddit user lamented, “I’m using the latest version of IOS and the most recent YT Music update. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail.” Despite efforts to rectify the issue, users found themselves at a dead end.

Anyone know im just getting a blank screen r YoutubeMusic

Interestingly, some users found a workaround by switching to alternate accounts, enabling them to listen to music with ads.

However, this solution came with a significant drawback – their YouTube Premium subscription and library remained accessible only on the affected account.

The problem appears to be confined to iOS devices, as reports indicate that the Android counterpart of the app is functioning normally.

This anomaly suggests a server-side issue, as the last app update (version 6.48.3) was rolled out over the weekend, preceding the emergence of the problem.

Notably, attempts to resolve the issue through the conventional method of uninstalling and reinstalling the app proved ineffective, adding to user frustrations.

In addition to the black screen bug, some iPhone users encountered further complications with the app’s navigation controls. Instead of the typical next and previous buttons, users reported the presence of 30-second forward and 10-second rewind buttons.

skip button missing r YoutubeMusic

Navigational Challenges and Widespread Disruption

While this feature may be advantageous for podcast consumption, it proves less practical for navigating through songs, as highlighted by 9to5Google.

These issues extend beyond the confines of the YouTube Music app, impacting auxiliary systems like “CarPlay” and the system-level “Now Playing” controls on the lock screen.

Such widespread disruption underscores the severity of the glitch and its implications for users’ overall music streaming experience.

In conclusion, YouTube Music’s iOS users find themselves grappling with a multifaceted technical dilemma, characterized by a black screen bug, playback issues, and navigational anomalies.

As users await a resolution, the incident serves as a reminder of the inherent vulnerabilities of digital platforms and the significance of timely and effective technical support measures.

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