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New Community Chats for Facebook and Messenger



A Facebook group called "Women Who Surf" has multiple Community Chats for instant engagement.Image: Meta

You can now create curated live Messenger chat groups with the new feature of Facebook. You can browse chats organized by announcements, topics, events, and more to connect with group members beyond just facebook feed posts.

As part of a larger Discord-like redesign of Facebook Groups and Messenger group chats, Community Chats also resemble workplace community platforms like Slack, Teams, and Zoom’s upcoming Team Chat. While Meta hasn’t made much progress in challenging TikTok with similar features in Instagram Reels, it’s not new to find inspiration in other apps.

There’s also audio support for up to 30 group members, and people can turn on their cameras to present or broadcast what they’re doing. You’ll be able to create a Facebook group from Community Chat within Messenger in “the coming weeks,” giving your casual group chats a more organized base. Chats aren’t available in all Groups yet, but Meta says more will soon.



People who run large Facebook groups can get instant responses on timely topics in the community. It’s like Pokémon Go Facebook Groups (are you still in one?) but admins can create Messenger groups for different boroughs so people can stay connected to the next gym raid near them.

The admins will have a number of tools to keep the group running smoothly, including auto-moderation features that boot members who violate the rules. In addition to blocking, muting, and suspending members, admins can also delete their messages. In the new Community Chats, users’ privacy settings will remain consistent, and Facebook will automatically remove harmful messages at a “wider breadth” than it does in private Messenger chats.


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