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Generative AI In Apple iOS 18 Works Without An Internet Connection

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Apple iOS 18 can have possible on-device generative AI. — Macrumors/File

(CTN News) – Reports indicate that Apple is working on its own large language model (LLM) to run generative artificial intelligence (AI) features on its new iPhone models.

The company’s artificial intelligence model may run entirely on the device.

This means Apple’s AI features are accessible offline without requiring access to the Internet.

Business Standard reports that will use the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that is part of the silicon that powers the iPhones, to provide new capabilities related to artificial intelligence (AI).

In addition, Apple’s artificial intelligence tools could be less powerful and knowledgeable than Google’s when applying artificial intelligence. As a result, this is a shortcoming that could be addressed by collaborating with companies such as Google and Microsoft’s OpenAI, a machine learning startup.

As opposed than exclusive AI tools, third-party service providers can be processed in the cloud by a third-party service provider.

According to an earlier report by Bloomberg, Apple has been in talks with multiple companies, including Google, Microsoft-backed Open AI, and China’s Baidu. The companies are working to develop a possible partnership to incorporate AI tools and features into the next-generation operating system.

According to the report, Apple will take a slightly different approach to promoting its upcoming artificial intelligence features.

In just a few weeks, Apple is going to host its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where it will unveil the next-generation of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and other platforms at its Conference from June 10 to June 14.


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